Do you know where the term “branded” comes from? Ranchers mark their stock with red, hot irons in order to identify them as their own. Branding dates all of the way back to Ancient Egyptians and Romans for identifying ownership, but also includes the belief in magical spells to protect livestock from outside harm. These practices quickly spread throughout Europe, the Americas, and eventually Australia where owners had to legally register their brands to prohibit duplication from others – much like a trademark. From there, branding grew to what it today establishes your name and recognition of your company, organization, school, and more.

In our current world of branding, we use state of the art technologies to imprint sharper graphics on our marketing event displays in order to better distinguish your brand to your consumers.

We offer the most unique and innovative selection of event display products while providing top-quality materials and service to our clients.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are the “go-to” experts on branded and blank event display products. We cut our teeth for most of our existence on perfecting our table throw line, later adding the additional display items. Our knowledgeable and dedicated personal consulting agents help educate you with creative direction for the perfect products solution. We’re not only a one-stop distribution shop. We’ve captured a specialized textile niche and are innovative and on the forefront of new products and growth. We’ve traveled the world to be sure we can bring you the newest and most cost effective merchandise to enhance your brand.


We’re proactive, not reactive. Our dedication to offering distinct event displays enhances your creative marketing results in order for you to receive the highest returns on your brand.


    Our exclusive, cutting-edge printing technology allows us to adapt early to the latest products and processes such as fabric-infused dye sublimation and large format direct textile printing.


    We have become creative leaders through product trial and errors, experimentation, failures, but most importantly, successful results. Our experience has taught us what will work and what will not, and we’re here to consult with you using our personable service, available knowledge, and timely support.


    As a domestic and global manufacturing supplier, we run a better business to reflect our customer needs, which is why we offer high-quality products at competitive pricing through direct sales. We are grateful for our ability to make the design and buying process simple for our customers, so you feel entirely satisfied with your RED IRON experience. We’re here to listen to your suggestions, needs, and ideas.