Construction Tufted, Cut Pile
Face Fiber: Type 6,6 Nylon Twisted and Heat set for Maximum Performance
Finished Face: Weight 21.5 oz/yd²
Yarn Ply: 2 Ply
Stitches/Row: 9 stitches per inch
Gauge: 1/8” Gauge
Pile Height: 18/64”
Density: 72 stitches per sq. inch
Stain Repel/Stain Resist/Soil Release: KMT™ Proprietary
Dye Method: Millitron® Computer Injected Dye
Base Colorway: 189 Base Colors (700+ shades)

Back Labels: Yes (2 labels per mat with 2 lines of text per label)
Profile: Standard Backing 0.320” (320 mil)
Machine Washable or Wet Extract with mild detergent
Carbon Negative
Rubber Border Width: 5/8” Carbon Negative
Rubber Border Thickness: Standard Backing 0.093” (93 mil)
ADA Compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act)
Rubber Body Thickness: Standard Backing 0.053” (53 mil)
LEED® Point Contributor (U.S. Green Building Council)