Have trouble attracting people to your table or booth? Custom table cloths (or covers) can help give your booth the spark to attract your prospects like moths to a flame! Event table cloths are simple to set up and help you to highlight your booth and stand out from the crowd. Whether you are exhibiting at a trade show, festival, or corporate event, a custom tablecloth can help your business grow.

Here are four great tips on how to use custom table covers to bring more people to your trade show or event booth. 

Choose the Right Material for Your Table Cloth

What fabric will you used for your table cloth? Choosing the right material is important to demonstrate your company’s professionalism and ensure the best return on your purchase investment. A material that tears or wrinkles easily isn’t going to make your business look very good and just makes more work for those setting up and manning your booth. Choosing a tablecloth material like polyester poplin looks great and is more durable than some other lesser materials. They have the added benefit of not easily wrinkling which reduces your event staff workload and helps to keep your booth looking professional. You may want to consider a waterproof table cloth if you are at an outside event or plan to be  around food or other items that can stain the table cover quickly.

The material will also affect your branding. Choosing promotional table cloths made from a material that looks cheap or is dull may not help your branding or image. Choose a high-quality manufacturer or supplier like Red Brand Iron Solutions to ensure you receive the highest-quality tablecloth material.

Identify the Right Colors for Your Tablecloth

Whether you need a full-color table cover or more elegant black and white (think “black tie”), you need to ensure the colors compliment the event you are attending. Choosing a colorful table cloth may help you to stand out at casual events but it may be seen as unprofessional at more formal events and trade shows. If you do a mix of both, you may want to have different table cloths for different kinds of events.

Custom table covers also need to be a color that matches your branding, but that won’t drown out or overwhelm the graphics or letters you are using for your promotional message. Your prospects and customers need to be able to spot your branding from a mile away. You might consider testing your design on a sample fabric color to see if it can be seen from afar. If you cannot read the logo or branding, change your design to one that is more suitable or try classic black or white covers.

Use the Right Sized Graphics on Your Table Cloth

The graphics on your tablecloths and banners need to be the right size so that people can read them from a distance. Choosing a small font or unreadable font with no contrast against your backdrop isn’t going to do your company branding any favors. Fancy fonts may not work in your favor either as they tend to be more difficult to read from a distance. Choose something plain and simple rather than ornate and busy. Thankfully, you can choose from many fonts and sizes that you want so you can personalize your table cloth to your company and your event.

Keep Your Tablecloth Design Simple

Keep your design eye-catching but simple. Sound confusing? Here are some tips to help you with your design:

  • Choose a large imprint area that you can use for your company logo
  • Make sure your design fits the size of the table. If your design is too large for your table people won’t see your company logo or important information
  • Choose fitted table covers if you have an outdoor event so that they won’t end up folding over and covering your branding

Probably the most important step is to ensure you choose a professional branding company that can help you with your custom logo and company details. Whether you need a trade show table cloth or an event or festival tablecloth, we can help you to find the right size, color, and material to help your company stand out from the crowd.

For more information, read How to Choose the Right Table Cover for Your Company and Your Event

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