You’ve probably seen cusomized table covers used for everything from corporate events to banquets to festivals and street fairs. Here are some care tips for your personalized table covers, as well as which to choose for your next big event.

Custom Tablecloths

There is no better tablecloth for an event than a custom tablecloth with your company’s branding front and center. Custom tablecloths are commonly used for trade shows and corporate events as they can be branded with a company’s name, logo, slogan and even contact information. Just a few of the many advantages of using custom tablecloths, include:

  • They can highlight your promotional items at any event
  • Shows professionalism, and can increase your brand image to your prospects
  • A branded tablecloth helps you to stand out from the crowd and grab customer attention
  • It increases brand awareness which will help you to generate leads or sales

Care Tips for Your Custom Table Covers

Custom table covers are not the most expensive of your trade show materials, but it’s important to take care of them to maximize both your investment and to show your company in the best light. Taking care of your table cover is important to indicate your company’s professional image. There is nothing worse for a company’s branding than a wrinkled or dirty table cloth at a professional event. If you take care of your table cover, you could also use it for many years to come (depending on the fabric). Here are some tips for taking care of your custom table covers:

  • If you plan to use your table cover for many years, try choosing a fabric that will be durable and not hard to clean, like Red Iron Brand Solution’s many styles of polyester table covers
  • Choose a high-quality printed table cover made by a reputable company (like us!)
  • Use cold water to remove stains from your table cover and machine wash according to the instructions indicated on the fabric by the manufacturer
  • Try to keep your table cover away from direct sunlight and choose a material that can survive harsh weather conditions
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or alcohol to clean delicate materials.
  • Always consult the experts for machine instructions.

Custom Tablecloths with 3 or 4 Sides: Which Is Right for Me?

A custom table cover can come in different sizes and style. The size and style you select will depend on your table use, size, location, and your budget. There are two common styles: three-sided table covers and four-sided table covers.

Three-sided table covers are also called table throws. They cost less as they do not fully cover the entire table to the floor. It has a neat backdrop that holds the cover in place at the back of the table. These table covers will suit small venues, those who are on a budget, or if you will have someone sitting on the other side of the table. Typical uses include registration desks at events or if you plan on sitting throughout the event or need to quickly access material from under the table.

A four-sided cover is sometimes also called a table drape. It is common to trade show tablecloths. It covers the entire table and extends to the floor on all four sides. The four-sided cover is ideal if you want to store items under your table without them being seen by your buyers or attendees. While it doesn’t provide easy access, it does provide the most professional appearance and if you really need instant access you can always pin a part of it up in the middle of the back panel. These table covers tend to be a little more expensive than basic table throws but they offer a much more professional look, especially if attendees can see behind your table. If you have a big event such as a trade show, or a professional event such as an award show, this is the best table cover you can get.

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Need Help Selecting Your Custom Table Cover?

Red Iron Brand Solutions has a large selection of customized table covers for every event, budget, and weather condition. Having trouble finding the right kind of table clover for your business and your event? View our different types of table cloths on our website or contact our team today! Give us a call today and let us know your needs and we can customize a solution for you. Contact us at 1-800-325-3824 or fill out the short form here.