Custom Fitted Table Covers

These customized promotional table throws are styled with a conventional drape overhang or sewn for a more tailored, fitted look. Use as a table cover, cloth or replace a skirt with full top-to-bottom coverage. Made in 4-sided and open back designs.

  • Style # 112-440 - 88" W x 104" L - 4' Flat, Full Drape Style # 112-640 - 88" W x 128" L - 6' Flat, Full Drape Style # 112-840 - 88" W x 152" L - 8' Flat, Full Drape Style # 112-44F - 30" x 30" x 48" - 4' Fitted, Full Drape Style # 112-64F - 30" x 30" x 72" - 6' Fitted, Full Drape Style # 112-84F - 30" x 30" x 96" - 8' Fitted, Full Drape

    Brighten up your custom table throws with imaging in dye-sublimated custom colors and all over surface imprint in draped or fitted table throw styles. Note the rounded corners for improved drape. Red Iron Brand Solutions offers quite a lot of tablecloth fabrics to suit almost any demand. If you have an indoor display and have a high requirement of the flame retardant standards, then 300D flame retardant polyester and 600D PU polyester would be great choices. If you have a budget or want to find a cost-effective table throw, then you can choose the relatively lightweight 165g 300D polyester. And when you need to display at night, the fluorescent polyester table cover will help you stand out. Have an upcoming dining party event? You must need a waterproof, oil-proof, and stain-resistant table cloth. Please email if you need pricing on the lighter weight fabric or the fluorescent fabric. FREE SHIPPING.
  • Fitted Table Cover


    Style # 112-64F - 6' Full drape
    Style # 112-63F - 6' 3 Sides
    Style # 112-83F - 8' Feet 3 Sides
    Style # 112-84F 8' Feet Full Drape

    Want to WOW your customer? For those needing full graphics capabilities on a multi-location table throw, our dye sublimation overall imprint is your answer. Choose 360° coverage for a complete custom image on the all-inclusive surface of your table cover. Made from polyester poplin, the draped style has rounded corners for a soft end drape or the fitted style has boxed corners. All colors are your choice – from the background color to full photographic prints. For creative minds, this is your choice. Our stable imprint method infuses a full spectrum of colors into the fibers of the fabric to it becomes part of the material.
  • Convertible Table Cover


    Style # 112-04C - 4' to 6'
    Style # 112-00C - 6' to 8'

    Full custom color and location imprint in a convertible table cover style. Use as a flat table throw on a large table and or wrap to make a fitted cover on a smaller table.  FREE SHIPPING.
  • Table Runners


    Style # 116-360 - 30" x 60"
    Style # 116-372 - 30" x 72"
    Style # 116-390 - 30" x 90"
    Style # 116-660 - 60" x 60"

    Custom Table Runner with full color dye sublimation with eco-friendly inks. Your choice of width and length.  


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