Artwork Requirements

We accept MAC or PC versions of art. Digital Printing / Silk Screening Requirements: All art must be Vector/original art, created in Adobe Illustrator Version CC 2019 or less, saved as an .EPS or an .AI file, with all fonts converted to curves/outlines.

If the artwork includes a photographic image, the image must be submitted as a 300 DPI at actual print size.
All artwork submitted has to be in CMYK format. RGB format is not usable.

Please note that we are limited to using files that are 900MB or less. Files which are too large to be emailed may be submitted, at no charge, through

All embedded colors digitally rendered, are “close to” only, not matched. If an exact PMS match is required for Silk Screening, there is an additional fee. Please inquire when placing order.


Can be scaled to any size while maintaining quality.
Also known as “line art”. Vector artwork is preferred, unless printing photos.


Artwork Requirements File Formats

Composed of pixels, timy colored squares grouped together to make one big image. When scaled larger, image will look jagged or “pixelated”.
Also known as “bitmap art”.

  • Submit art with a minimum of 200 DPI (dots per inch)
  • Greater viewing distance = lower resolution
Viewing Distance 6 in. 1 ft. 2 ft. 3 ft. 5 ft.
dpi 1200 600 300 200 150
Artwork Requirements Font

Most programs allow the user to add an object or image to a file by linking or embedding. Embedded images are stored within the document itself, while linked files are not. Because of this, linked files can become unlinked and “go missing” when opened on a different computer. Embed all images to avoid missing images.

Artwork Requirements High resolution

High resolution images are:

  • Unedited
  • Original raw digital photos
  • Purchased stock photos.
Artwork Requirements Low resolution

Low resolution images are:

  • Photos taken from the internet
  • Scanned images
  • Cellphone images/screen shots.

Unacceptable File Formats:

Quark, Corel Draw, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Pagemaker, low-resolution scanned images or InDesign files, unless exported to an .eps or .pdf format, will incur additional art charges or be rejected.


Proofs are sent via email within one business day from the date the order is entered. We do not provide creative or typesetting services, please complete this process prior to placing your order. If a size is not requested when order is placed, we will maximize and center the graphic accordingly on the product. The size of the graphic will be identified on the proof.