Crafting Memorable Banners and Backdrops for Trade Shows

Trade shows continue to be valuable component of many marketing strategies because they offer the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with current and potential clients. Banners and backdrops are vital elements of every trade show display because they communicate your brand message to a larger audience. The best banners and backdrops make your event booth memorable enough for attendees to continue talking about your company long after the event. A quality booth and a great event team ensure you achieve your aim, whether it is to generate leads, source customer feedback, or increase your brand exposure. Red Iron Brand Solutions offers [...]

Your Guide to Choosing Custom Feather Flags for Your Events

Flags have been generating attention since 3500 BCE. They are a proven attention-getter. Custom feather flags have always been part of humanity’s endeavors in various forms, from the flags carried into battle by color bearers to the color guard flags used by marching bands. Their presence draws attention and makes a statement of who or what they represent. The marketing version of the feather flag is used for outdoor advertising in front of shops, at sports events, or to welcome visitors to various attractions such as museums and wineries. Whether you call them feather flags, advertising flags or promotional flags, [...]

The Power of Custom Tote Bags in Event Marketing

Have you considered custom tote bags for your company’s marketing events? They are a practical and efficient way to get long-lasting brand exposure at events. The ideal marketing goal is to see numerous event attendees walking around with your brand’s tote bag, whether at a retail campaign, tradeshow or conference. Attendees will be spreading your brand messaging around the entire event, encouraging others to visit your booth, where they will pick up a tote bag and continue to spread the word. You will be the envy of your competition! It can be challenging to find new ways to promote your [...]

Event Marketing: The Impact of Custom Marketing Tablecloths

Event Marketing: The Impact of Custom Marketing Tablecloths When it comes to successful event marketing, every little detail counts. Your competitors will all do their best to stand out and draw the crowds, so you must do the same. Whatever your specific marketing goals may be, you obviously intend to make an impression and provide an immersive, welcoming experience for your visitors. You want them never to forget your brand when they walk away. Making that kind of impression is not only about the big things - like a canopy tent, banners, or backdrops. You need to follow your branding [...]

Highlight Your Event Presence with Branded Tents

Highlight Your Company Presence with Branded Tents for Events Are you planning to host or attend an outdoor (or even indoor) marketing event? You are going to need the right tent. Branded tents for events provide a simple but powerful way to make your brand stand out and make your presence unmissable. Even from a distance, a well-designed pop-up tent can draw your prospects to your booth from far away. How Branded Pop-Up Up Tents Improve Event Engagement Branded pop-up tents make it much easier for visitors to seek you out and find you in the midst of other companies [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to Setting Powerful Event Marketing Goals

Marketing your business is an investment in your business. And as with any investment, you should expect a return greater than the cost. With event marketing, as with all marketing, you need to be able to see a return on your investment. That return needs to be quantified by the goals you set for the specific event. As with any other marketing tool, event marketing should ideally be planned and executed with a specific marketing goal in mind. Naturally, you want to ensure that your marketing spend is being put to good use, and that the time and money you [...]


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