Are you an event manager? Have a seat!

The new year ushers in a jam-packed calendar of events – tradeshows, sales meetings, conferences, and more. So MUCH more. In your long list of tasks to prepare for these events, you must also carefully consider sponsor packages and how to showcase their logos. Chair back covers is one simple, yet effective branding solution that you can use to: Provide additional “real estate” for sponsors Designate VIP seating Organize several groups (for example, for a sales meeting you can color code covers by business unit) Create an overall cohesive look for pre-, mid-, and post-event media Make sure every seat [...]

Branding your Event

Branding your event is a big part of your job if you’re an event planner or a venue manager. There are many things you can do to create branding. Some things you may not have thought about. Have you used the chair back covers? The above photo demonstrates how you can use these stretch chair back covers in an event venue. This is a casino who chose to use the covers to create an easy-to-read seat assignment. They also create a uniform look for the casino. Each chair back cover has a different row number and seat number on [...]

Sharp Branding

What are some iconic brands seen and recognized immediately for who they are and what they do? I need not mention them, but I will – Coca-cola, Apple, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Army, Navy, Allstate, Tide, and so on. If you “read” the name of the logo, you likely can “see” it as well. How did these companies manage to brand themselves so well? How did they come up with simple images (think Nike) that are immediately recognizable to consumers? Some of you will say, “That’s easy. They had a lot of money.” Likely true. But I can think [...]

Small details count for a lot to your customers!

Have you ever been out to eat on a special evening and noticed that the items in the restaurant appear dirty or ugly? Specifically, the uniforms that the wait staff are wearing or the bussing items? Seeing a sloppy apron or a messy bus tub can turn your customers off and send them to other restaurants for their next celebrations. Small details count for a lot to your customers. Keep your wait staff in clean uniforms. But, don’t forget the small details. Cover your bus tubs in clean fabric, and your tray jack stands in matching fabric. This may seem [...]

Red Iron Brand: Hospitality Items

At Red Iron Brand Solutions, we offer products for hospitality venues to create a professional appearance when you are hosting events. Many of the useful tools of the hospitality profession are basic in appearance and require a polished exterior by dressing these items in stretch fabric. These include tables, bus tubs, beverage dispensers, aluminum-topped tables, and tray jack stands. These are items used to serve food during a conference, weddings, trade shows, and other large gatherings. Typically, these items are utilized in hotels and event venues. How do you make these items uniform and professional? You do so by covering [...]

Branded Flags – Your Guide to Different Shape Options

Used for centuries by kingdoms and countries, pirates and parishes, these pieces of rectangular cloth have become increasingly popular as marketing tools. Just as seamen use nautical flags to communicate, so your branded flags tell customers and prospects who you are and what you do. Whichever shape of branded flag you are looking for, ours all use dye sublimation – a permanent imprint method which infuses colors into the fibers of the fabric, so that it becomes part of the material for color-fastness and durability. ⦁ Standard Pole Flags Basic, but classic, these 110 denier nylon flags (for single sided [...]