A Guide to Using Promotional Products in Corporate Events

  Corporate events, from conferences to trade shows, provide companies with a platform to boost their brand recognition, connect with new customers, and reinforce relationships with existing ones, while also engaging with employees. Effectively utilizing promotional products provide the best way to capitalize on the opportunities presented by corporate events. The careful, strategic use of branded products can go a long way toward making a lasting impression on clients, visitors and staff members, and ensuring that your brand will be carried out of the event to make an impression on even more potential customers. However, achieving the desired effect with [...]

How to Maximize the Impact of Virtual Event Merchandise

To many people, the benefit and utility of branded merchandise may seem obvious for physical corporate events, but what about virtual events? Is there no place for swag and other promotional products at online conferences, seminars and other business events that are becoming increasingly virtual events? Believe it or not, promotional products can be used in these contexts to great effect and may help your stand out from the crowd. The question is how to successfully integrate virtual event merchandise into your online events. Here is a quick guide to help you maximize the impact of your virtual branding. Have [...]

Corporate Conference Gift Ideas to Impress Attendees

Networking events, expos and trade exhibitions remain a central part of most companies’ marketing and public relations. Corporate gifting is usually an integral and important part of these events. Choosing the right gifts to give to your visitors and customers can mean the difference between strengthened customer relations and your brand being forgotten. Be careful to consider the best corporate conference gift ideas as you plan your next corporate event. Why Give Event Gifts at Corporate Events? There are various reasons to give corporate gifts at trade events, but all of them boil down to one essential thing: brand promotion [...]

Create Unmissable Presence with Custom Event Branding

If you want to maximize your impact at your next corporate event or trade show, you need to begin by creating a brand presence that is absolutely unmissable. The key to making yourself stand out is to devise a coordinated, on-brand promotional strategy that incorporates every element of your custom event branding. Tent, Backdrops, table covers, chair covers, banners and flags - everything you use in your stand - must work with every other element to embody and project your brand to your prospects and customers. Start by Knowing Your Brand Identity Every effective live event branding campaign starts with [...]

How Promotional Merchandise Builds Brand Identity

Of course, there are many ways to build your corporate brand identity. To do it right involves a multifaceted strategy to create and promote a memorable brand to your prospects and customers. One powerful tool that should always be included in your strategy toolbox is quality promotional merchandise. Let’s explore this interaction of how promotional products interact and promote your business’ brand identity. What is Brand Identity? To begin with, what are we actually referring to when we talk about brand identity? Your brand identity encompasses pretty much everything about your brand. It is not just the physical materials you [...]

Creating Quality Branded Merchandise for Events

Branded merchandise is a cost-effective and powerful way to keep your brand at the front of your clients’ minds. Offering something as simple as a water bottle or travel coffee cup can offer remarkable marketing and public relations benefits for your business. All you have to do is choose the right branded products that will best suit your customers and visitors. Read on to learn more about how to select, design and craft quality branded merchandise for your events. What is Brand Merchandising? Brand merchandising involves using any products that feature your company logo or name and giving them away [...]


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