Why You Need Stretch & Branded Hospitality Covers

Stretch covers are the perfect solution for covering tables, chairs, and other hospitality products while giving you the opportunity to market your brand. You can find everything you need to know about blank and branded stretch covers in this blog post. What Are Stretch Covers and How You Can Use Them Think back to the last time you hosted or participated in an outdoor event. One minute you’re setting up and getting everything on your table laid out perfectly, and the next, you are in a war with the wind trying to keep your tablecloth from flying away. So, we [...]

The Biggest Misconception of Stretch Table & Chair Covers

A misconception about stretch table covers  and dining chair covers that we frequently encounter is that one size fits all. In reality, stretch covers are more often than not custom made to ensure a sleek fit. What makes standard solution different than custom covers is that the cover is the fabric is tailored to each individual size of table or chair and can be imprinted with your design. One Size Fits All… Not! While many people think that stretch covers are one size fits-all, they're actually customized to fit the exact size table for which they're intended. Just as there [...]

The Benefits of Custom Trash Can Covers for Your Events

While trash cans are often not something you think about when designing your booth, they shouldn’t be. Nothing turns off a potential customer like a disgusting trash can spoiling the design and professional atmosphere you’ve invested countless time and money into creating at your event booth. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Trash bin covers are invaluable tools if you want to protect your investment in your booth and uplift any social environment. When you think about planning an event, glamorous images are the first that pop up, right? Who knew that waste management would take up so [...]

Should You Use Branded Table Covers & Throws at Events?

Branded table covers and throws are more than just any old piece of fabric. Tablecloths can be used for a variety of functions and serve a multitude of purposes. The most basic use of a tablecloth is to protect the surface of a table from spills and scratches, but this is not the only way to use them and not the only benefit they can provide. Here are the top four reasons why you should use custom table covers and throws at business conventions, outdoor events, job fairs, and other special events: #1. Table Covers & Throws Create a Long-Lasting [...]

Benefits of Different Types of Stretch Table Covers

Table covers were a luxury item in the past, but on special occasions, people of old used heavy woolen tablecloths. Today we have a wide selection of table covers and table cloths to choose from, including stretch table covers. Have you considered branding your table covers for trade shows, exhibitions, events, festivals, sports days and conferences? Whether casual events or professional events, branded table covers and table throws will leave event attendees in no doubt about the quality and professionalism of the company represented. Read on to learn about all the different types of stretch table covers available from Red [...]

Why You Should Use Stretch Chair Covers at an Event

Have you thought of using stretch fabric chair covers as marketing materials at corporate events? Or maybe you prefer the event booths to be unbranded and neutral while the event display stands out. Whatever your preference, Red Iron Brand Solutions can provide you with the stretch fabric covers you need, whether for chairs, tables, beverage dispensers, or trash cans. Economical and durable, stretch fabric covers are ideal for corporate functions and catered events. They are also complimentary when used at weddings and other special events, as they are available in various colors to highlight any event theme. Read on to [...]


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