promotional banners and flags Banners and flags are popular promotional products for good reasons. They are affordable, compact, and easy to transport. And, best of all, they promise to help promote brand visibility and awareness at a variety of different events. Below, we highlight five events at which it would be easy to utilize a custom banner or flag as a powerful marketing tool.

#1. A Tradeshow

With so many competitors surrounding you, your exhibition stand needs to be eye-catching and really stand out from the crowd. Luckily, custom banners and flags can be tailored to be as vibrant as you want them to be! They come with a “spider base” for installing on flat indoor floors, or with a stake to install them in the ground.

#2. A Corporate Event

It is a great idea to place custom banners & flags at the entrance of your corporate event to help welcome guests and catch the attention of people passing by. Print them with “VOLUNTEERS” or “VIP” to enable your guests to find their location.

#3. A Product Display

Custom banners and flags can help direct interested parties to specific product displays or promotions in-store. They are especially good to use for promoting new products or best-sellers in an effort to increase both awareness and sales.

#4. A Workshop

If you are hosting a workshop, even if it is just for your own employees, custom banners and flags can help to ensure that the event comes across as more “official” and professional.

#5. A Product Launch

Custom banners and flags should always have pride of place at a product launch party or event. They can be used to provide attendees with more information about a newly released product or to simply highlight what it looks like.

Here at Red Iron Brand Solutions, whatever your custom banner or flag requirements, we can deliver. We also specialize in both outdoor flutter flags and golf pin flags.

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