pop fabric display wall When you set up a stand at an exhibition, you want it to be impossible for it not to be noticed. You want designs that attract the eye and communicate precisely the right messages instantly. These three tips will help you do that.

#1. Pick the Right Materials

The walls of your stand should be made up of just the right combination of printed material and digital signage. Be selective and strategic about which materials you choose and where to place them.

#2. Use Text, Images And Color Wisely

Even more important than the material is the design. This is the ultimate key to your stand’s success. First, consider your color schemes. How are the walls going to feature your brand colors in a clever way that creates visual interest, directs the eye, and is visually attractive? What images are you going to use and why? What is the single most powerful image that will attract attention while also speaking to your brand? When it comes to text, be very discerning; choose your words carefully, make it brief and as powerful as possible. Go with a tagline or company motto and only the most essential additional information.

Finally, consider your overall layout (it’s best to sketch it or create a model) and think about where everything should be placed in relation to everything else. What is the most important aspect of your visual design? How do all the other elements support that? Have fun and be creative! But, also think strategically.

#3. Don’t Ignore the Flooring and the Ceiling

What is underneath and above your wall are very important when it comes to making it stand out. Look at your wall design. And then, consider whether it will work fine against the standard flooring of the exhibition venue. Or, would you be better off bringing in flooring of your own with different colors and possibly additional branding. What about the ceiling? Will you be okay under non-descript exhibition hall tiles or cement, or will you need to top your stand with something of your own?

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