feather flags When it comes to promotional and marketing materials, you simply cannot go wrong with custom feather flags. Many business owners are pleased to discover that these promotional flags are more versatile than they originally thought. Did you know that you not only have control over their colors and general design, but that you also have freedom of choice when it comes to their size and shape?

At Red Iron Brand Solutions, we specialize in standard pole flags, rectangular feather flags, blade feather flags, teardrop feather flags, shark fin flags, golf pin flags, and outdoor flutter flags. All of these custom feather flags are certain to have an impact on the marketing of your business for the better. Here is how they can aid in maximizing brand visibility.

Custom Feather Flags Demand Attention

Custom feather flags are designed to be vibrant and eye-catching, drawing in and holding people’s attention wherever they are placed. Plus, the more unique the design you choose, the more people will take notice and the more likely they will be to remember your brand.

Custom Feather Flags Are Versatile

Since they are lightweight, compact, and durable, custom feather flags are easy to transport to various events, from corporate events to tradeshows. They work to enhance your brand visibility wherever you go.

Custom Feather Flags Can Be Small, Medium or Large in Size

If you really want to maximize brand visibility and return on your investment and match your flag’s size to your venue, you can choose any of our flags in small, medium or large sizes. Large flags can include more than just your logo and slogan. They can also include important messaging or information about your business, if you so choose.

Why Choose Red Iron Brand Solutions?

Red Iron Brand is the go-to expert on branded and blank event display marketing products. With over 30 years of experience, quick shipment options and an exclusive product line, we’re innovative and at the forefront of new products and growth. With our exclusive product offerings, industry knowledge, and unique techniques, we are leaders in the early advancement of new and original event displays. For more information on event marketing, contact us now at 800-325-3824.