custom chair back cover Of all the products that Red Iron Brand Solutions offers to our clients, there is one that we feel particularly sets us apart, one that not many other branding solution suppliers are doing. It’s small, it’s simple, and yet, it’s so versatile it can be used in any setting where marked seating will play a big part in both your brand display strategy and the purely functional side of the event. We are talking about our stretch chair back covers.

What makes them so special? The stretchy fabric can be produced in any size and printed in almost any color and fit on nearly any chair. We have a standard size, but we can customize the chair back cover to fit your seating.  They can bear any logo or design and, because they act as a far more subtle and elegant form of brand display than, say, a flag, banner or backdrop, they merge seamlessly into your event layout, providing unobtrusive but effective branding, while also being able to serve several practical purposes.

If you are planning an event in which marked seating will play a significant role, we highly recommend using our stretch chair back covers. Here, in more detail, are seven reasons why.

1. Chair Covers Suitable for Any Event

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a conference, a trade show, a church meeting, an academic symposium or any other event you care to name. Any event can offer opportunities for the brand benefits of chair display covers. No matter what kind of audience you are catering to, the venue, the color scheme or whatever your budget may be, you can employ stretch chair back covers effectively.

Red Iron Brand has supplied our chair back covers to a wide array of clients. Churches, universities, sports clubs and corporate companies have all made good use of them, each on events that are completely different from the last. These simple pieces of fabric can be designed and made to fit in (and stand out) anywhere. And they are durable and can be washed or dry cleaned.

Chair back covers always prove to be extremely effective in creating a brand presence at an event. Though small, they are used in large numbers, meaning that the branding effect of each one is multiplied by scores, if not even hundreds. It is impossible for guests to miss your brand. From the moment they walk into the venue, through the process of finding their seat, throughout the event, your branding is constantly in their field of awareness. It becomes familiar and then is fixed in their memory – either consciously or unconsciously – and will be closely associated with the event and its outcomes.

Stretch chair back covers are simple, small, practical, inexpensive, and versatile marketing tools for any event.

2. Easily Personalized Chair Covers

Our chair back covers can be personalized with any text, logos or imagery you like. You may want your logo on one side with other relevant information on the back. For instance, it could be your motto or catchphrase, seat or aisle numbers, RESERVED signs, and more. You can use co-op funds to brand one side.  The possibilities are endless. Maybe you’d like to personalize some of them for specific VIP guests and print their names on them to reserve their seats. They can then keep the chair covers as a memento of the event. You can get creative with the design too – it doesn’t have to be just logos and text. Play around with the design and make your chair back covers memorable, reusable, and even collectible! So long as the artwork is submitted to us as Vectors/original art, created in Adobe Illustrator Version CC 2019 or less, saved as an .EPS or an .AI file, with all fonts converted to curves/outlines, in 300 DPI and CMYK format, you can have literally any design you want.

3. Easily Customized to Any Size Chair

Not only can the printing on the covers be as unique and diverse as you wish, but the covers themselves can also be customized to any size. Made of spandex, the covers are already very stretchable, which allows for a considerable amount of leeway when fitting them to your chairs. The standard size is 18” by 11.5”. However, they can also be custom-made to fit any size chair. You simply need to send us the dimensions of the chair back along with a picture of your chair. Deviations from the standard sizes may lead to different pricing but generally the pricing is close to the standard size.

4. Two Blank Canvases = More Opportunities

As we’ve already said, our chair back covers can be printed with whatever you like, presenting you with a blank canvas for your design and branding. However, they actually give you two blank canvases. Not only can each side be printed in a separate color but also with entirely separate images and text.

This gives you even more opportunity for unique marketing and the doubling up of branding and practicality. You can print your logo on one side and then have a chair number on the other, for example. As another example, you may have two sponsors involved in a particular event and you can place each one’s branding on either side of the covers.

5. All-Inclusive Price

There are no added extras with our stretch chair back covers. The price you pay includes the artwork, printing, and shipping. Everything is included in the list price. Priced from $13.75 for the minimum order of 25, Chair Back Draped Headrest Covers with economical options in higher quantities, these are very cost-effective marketing tools. The minimum purchase order quantity is 25 but the more you order after that, the lower the price becomes.

6. Dye Sublimation Color for Exact Match

Design and printing are easy with these covers. We use dye-sublimation printing, which is a process that uses heat to transfer dye onto the fabric. This digital process means that full-color artwork can be used to match your PMS colors. No matter what colors you choose, the final printed product will match your design exactly. It also doesn’t matter how simple or intricate your design is. Whether it is a single color throughout, an intricate pattern, a complex logo or even text of varying fonts and colors. All designs are easily printable. If you want to be sure your artwork is correct, order a sample for $35.00.  That includes the freight.  If you then place an order of 150+, we will apply the sample payment to the final invoice.

7. Hit All Your Event Branding Targets With Stretch Chair Back Covers

Chair back covers are a cost-effective, versatile, and simple way to achieve all your event branding goals. You will increase brand awareness, reach a concentrated, targeted audience, and build affinity with your brand. Memorable, yet subtle, our chair back covers truly are great ambassadors for your brand.

Red Iron Brand Solutions is the go-to expert on branded and blank event display marketing products. We’re a specialized niche that is innovative and at the forefront of new products and growth. With our innovative product offerings, industry knowledge, and unique techniques, we are leaders in the early advancement of new and original event displays. As a woman-owned business, we take pride in handling our clients with special care. Our 30 years’ experience in the industry enables us to offer innovative and proven ideas to our clients. From your first contact until after your order ships, we are in contact with you to let you know how everything is progressing. We ship quickly, we have years of experience, and our products are unlike any others you will see in the branding materials industry. We can do what everyone else does, but they can’t do what we do.

Check out our full-color brochure on stretch chair covers here.

Among other products, aside from stretch chair back covers, which we can create for your events and general corporate marketing, are table throws, banners, flags, backdropshospitality and food service equipment covers, pop-up tents, director’s chairs, custom rugs, and more. Browse our catalog or contact us to find out how we can help you display your brand for maximum exposure.