Will you be exhibiting at a trade show in the near future? If so, you are probably looking for ways in which to maximize the design and functionality of your stand. One of the big decisions that you will ultimately need to make is whether to opt for stretch-fit trade show table covers or standard-fit trade show table covers. We discuss the pros and cons of each below.

Why Stretch-Fit Trade Show Table Covers?

Stretch-fit table covers, also known as Spandex table covers, provide your trade show table with a unique appearance that will undoubtedly help it to stand out from the crowd. These table covers are designed to literally hug your table in flair with unlimited color and graphic capabilities. They promise a striking, contoured look and tight appearance, and are available in various rectangle or round table sizes. Furthermore, they are designed for 360-degree viewing or with an open back for seating.

The only possible drawback of opting for stretch-fit trade show table covers is the fact that they are slightly more expensive than other alternatives.

Why Standard-Fit Trade Show Table Covers?

Standard-fit trade show table covers can also be branded according to your specifications, with the same unlimited color options. The difference is that they lie across the table like regular tablecloths. This does not mean that they cannot be made to be eye-catching; however, they are slightly less unique in appearance than the stretch-fit variety. Having said that, standard-fit trade show table covers are versatile in that they will be able to fit a much broader range of different table sizes and shapes, whereas stretch-fit table covers would often need to be custom-made or very carefully selected based on the table chosen for the event.

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