table top retractable banner As you plan promotional materials for your upcoming exhibit, you may wonder whether it’s worth investing in pop-up displays? Or, would you be better off rather buying some promotional banners? Well here are the main reasons why we would advise you to go for the latter:

Banners Are More Cost-Effective

On the whole, pop-up displays are larger, more complicated to produce and assemble, and require more materials. As a result of all these factors, they cost more than banners – usually by hundreds of dollars. If you want to maximize that expenditure, you need to be able to make the most of your pop-up for many exhibitions to come, meaning you’ll have to use that same pop-up over and over. Which means that you cannot consider any branding changes for a while. This is not a problem with banners, because they are considerably less expensive and, therefore, you can either keep a generic one that serves you for an extended period or replace the artwork and fabric at relatively short notice. This is because:

Banners Are More Easily Replaceable

With our standard and premium banners, you purchase both the framework and the fabric for the first time. After that, every time you want to replace the artwork, you simply put new fabric on your existing standard or premium banner framework. This is both quick and extremely affordable, enabling you to change your branding more regularly on standard and premium banners. Unfortunately, this is not possible on retractable banners

Banners Are More Lightweight

Pop-up display systems require more set-up and usually consist of more components than a banner. You have more to carry and more to put together – and that means a longer setup time. Banners are lightweight and extremely easy to carry, put up, and break down.

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