blade feather flag Feather flags have become a popular promotional and branding solution in the United States. This type of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising is essentially a piece of fabric resembling a feather that is printed for a specific brand looking to either communicate a specific message or to simply draw attention to the brand itself. Most feather flags are made out of polyester and are printed using disperse dye ink sublimation that bleeds through to the other side of the fabric, ultimately creating a mirror look of the artwork. Double-sided feather flags are also available if clients prefer.

Here are 5 reasons why feather flags are so popular with the businesses of today.

#1. They Are Eye-Catching

Feather flags can be printed using bright, vibrant colors, meaning that they are practically impossible to ignore. This means that any passersby are likely to take notice and, hopefully, remember and easily recognize your brand as a result.

#2. They Are Easy to Assemble

No tools are required in order to assemble or dismantle feather flags. They can usually be set up or taken down in just a few minutes.

#3. They Are Easy to Transport

Feather flags are super lightweight which makes the act of transportation to and from events, trade shows, and exhibitions convenient and stress-free.

#4. They Can Be Made Quickly

Most branding companies will be able to design and print your feather flags in just a few business days.

#5. They Are Durable

Feather flags will usually be waterproof and UV-resistant, preventing water damage and fading and therefore extending the value for money that these branding solutions provide.

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