Why Invest in a Portable Outdoor Exhibition Stand for Your Business?

According to Entrepreneur.com, exhibitions are “the most effective marketing tool for SMEs.” Because they encompass a wide range of business development functions – from marketing to market research to recruiting – exhibitions are a cost-effective tool. Investing in a portable outdoor exhibition stand gives you a channel through which to [...]

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4 Ways Brands Benefit from High-Quality Event Marketing

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, high-quality event marketing is a powerful channel to promote your product, brand or service through with live experiences. At its core, marketing is communication. It is the ability to clearly convey a message at the opportune time. Live events provide the opportunity for [...]

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Bring a Red Carpet Experience to Your Booth with High-Definition Backdrops

The aim of being at a trade show is to entice potential customers into your booth so that you can engage with them and eventually sign them up. But the first step will not even happen if your booth is bland. Innovations in digital printing over the past twenty years [...]

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10 Tips For Setting Up a Successful Trade Show Booth

You’ve booked your booth at the upcoming trade show and you are sure that your incredible product will be a hit. But, what can you do to entice people to your booth, keep them engaged and lead to action? Floor space at a trade show does not come cheap and [...]

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