Trade Show Booth - Red Iron BrandYou’ve booked your booth at the upcoming trade show and you are sure that your incredible product will be a hit. But, what can you do to entice people to your booth, keep them engaged and lead to action? Floor space at a trade show does not come cheap and you need to see a return on your investment (ROI).

Here’s a handy 10-point checklist to help you maximize on that ROI:

⦁ Establish a friendly relationship with the show’s organizer or manager. You’ll be glad you did in times of crisis. And also, this could put you in a favorable light when it comes to prime positioning.
⦁ Make sure that your branding is highly visible. Use your corporate identity so that your existing customers know where to find you.
⦁ The branding must be simple. Do not bombard passers-by with too much information at first glance. The idea is to entice them to stay longer at your stand. So, just give them enough to know who you are and what you do.
⦁ Fill the booth with your product. Let the product be the hero.
⦁ Give out samples. Everybody loves something free, so if your product is high value, give out a branded gift.
⦁ Hire the right promotional staff. You know your brand better than the temp agency does, so make sure you approve the right people to staff your booth.
⦁ Have your best ambassadors present. Your top sales team should be there at least to oversee the temp staff.
⦁ Train the staff that will be working the show. Let everyone know the product and the anticipated outcomes of the show.
⦁ Offer a special promotion for leads generated at the show. And, possibly even an additional incentive for deals that are signed up at the event.
⦁ Ensure that you have a follow-up procedure in place for leads generated at the trade show.

Go forth and conquer!

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