event marketingIn-person communication is the ultimate method for creating and nurturing relationships. In the world of marketing, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through event marketing.

What Is Event Marketing?

Event marketing can be defined as “the activity of designing or developing a themed activity, occasion, display, or exhibit (such as a sporting event, music festival, fair or concert) to promote a product, cause or organization.”

The events may be varied – from a conference or pop-up shop to a tradeshow or sponsored sporting event. But, the goal is the same, namely to engage both existing and potential clients. On the one hand, it requires thorough planning and intense execution; on the other, your efforts are appreciated by multiple attendees in one go.

Event Marketing by the Numbers

According to the event software company, Bizzabo:

  • 80% of marketers contribute their company’s success to events.
  • Nearly 90% of C-Suite executives believe in the power of events and plan to contribute more to event budgets next year.
  • 30% of marketers believe that events are the single most effective marketing channel — more so than digital, email, and content marketing.

Steps to a Great Event

The simplest way to strategize your next event is to decide what experience you want your attendees to talk about for months, and work back from there:

  • Start by knowing what tangible goals you want to achieve by hosting an event.
  • Identify exactly who you are marketing to, and what the best interaction would be for them.
  • Establish the name, theme, and purpose of your brand’s event.
  • Plan your timeline.
  • Decide how you will promote and market during the event.

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