custom rugs Looking to invest in new and effective promotional solutions? Why not welcome clients onto your business premises with the help of a stylish custom branded rug? Here are four reasons why this investment is worthwhile.

A Custom Branded Rug Can Be Customized in Many Different Ways

Along with placing your company logo and slogan on the Rug, you will also have the opportunity to select the most appropriate size. Here at Red Iron Brand Solutions, we can offer you the following sizes:

  • 3’ x 10’
  • 3’ x 4’
  • 3’ x 5’
  • 4’ x 6’

A Custom Branded Rug is Affordable

There are countless different types of promotional solutions to choose from, but custom branded rugs are some of the cost-effective. Great news if you want to make a big impact on a small budget.

A Custom Branded Rug is Convenient

Your branded rug will be lightweight and easy to clean. You can take it from place to place, or event to event, and move it around your business premises as necessary. Furthermore, it is made using nylon, which has been twisted and heat-set, to help improve the rug’s overall durability. In other words, you will not need to worry about investing in a new one any time soon following your original purpose. The rug is designed to endure a heavy amount of foot traffic for many months and years to come.

A Custom Branded Rug Serves a Dual Purpose

These rugs not only look great and aid in promoting your business, but they also help to keep the interior of your store, office, or warehouse clean. The sturdy tufts play a role in removing dirt and debris from shoes before entry, ultimately reducing the number of times you will be required to sweep and mop those floors each day!

Why Choose Red Iron Brand Solutions?

Red Iron Brand is the go-to expert on branded and blank event display marketing products. With over 30 years of experience, quick shipment options and an exclusive product line, we’re innovative and at the forefront of new products and growth. With our exclusive product offerings, industry knowledge, and unique techniques, we are leaders in the early advancement of new and original event displays. For more information on event marketing, contact us now at 800-325-3824.