display banner stand Taking a stand at an exhibition or trade show is expensive. So, you really need to make it count. Any one of these common exhibiting errors can be fatal to your stand and end up costing you more than they’re worth. It’s worth being conscious of them and making sure to avoid them.

Choosing the Wrong Event

It’s more common than you think. When it’s an event that clearly fits with your industry, there is very little room for error. But, then there are those that only partially address your audience, or that you would like to use to reach a new market. This can be dangerous ground. Check the details of the event, talk to the organizers, check the website and other marketing materials and be absolutely sure about the target market. If it doesn’t feel like it’s 100% for you, you should probably look elsewhere.

No Goals, Poor Planning

There is no point in just setting up a stand at a particular event, either regularly or as a once-off. Each time you decide to exhibit, you and your team must be crystal clear as to what you hope to achieve. Who are you planning to reach? What kind of numerical goals are you considering – a certain number of sign-ups, a particular amount in sales, and/or an increase in leads? Set these goals, and then plan everything around them. Don’t just show up and expect the show to go your way.

Lackluster Stand Design

You need to stand out among hundreds of other exhibitors. To do that, you need a stand that is prominently visible, attractive, and worth a visitor’s time. Don’t go for the bare minimum. And, don’t do the same thing you did last year. Shake it up, add color and variation, create interest.

Poor Visitor Engagement

Once you get visitors to your stand, you need to engage with them to convert visits to sales or leads. Failing that, there is no point to your exhibition, regardless of how beautiful your stand is or how well you’ve devised your goals. Make sure you staff your stand with the right people who have the personality and knowledge to engage visitors personably, tell them all they need to know, and close a few deals. In addition, create an active stand, such as media, activities, and people that the visitors can interact with. If you want passive promotions, you can just take out an ad. That is not what exhibitions are for.

Unimaginative Branded Gifts

When people walk away from your stand, they need a reason to remember you. They’ve probably visited scores of others before they came to you, and have several more to see before the exhibition ends. So, let them leave with something special and noteworthy. Think carefully about your branded gifts – the usual pens and candy will be forgotten about. Rather, go for something unique and relevant to your brand.

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