tabletop cover Your next trade show is coming up and everything is falling slowly into place as it always does: stock, check; banners, check; digital displays, check. There’s just one thing missing – a striking, customized, boldly branded tabletop cover.

A good tabletop cover is a central part of your trade show display. Your overhead banners attract people to your stall from a distance. But, your tabletop cover draws the eye from close up. Perhaps they’re visiting your neighbor’s stall and they happen to glance over. A well-designed tabletop cover will grab them at that point, as long as it has strong visual interest and very clear branding.

So, where do you go to get that final piece of the trade show branding puzzle? Red Iron Brand Solutions can help you with that. We can create a table cover in a variety of styles to suit your desired look and feel. Using bold and creative design techniques and strong, durable materials, we can create branded tabletop covers that will make your trade stall stand out.

Red Iron Brand Solutions is the go-to expert on branded and blank event display marketing products, We’re a specialized niche that is innovative and on the forefront of new products and growth. Our innovative product offerings, industry knowledge, and unique techniques, enable us to be leaders in the early advancement of new and original event displays. Tabletop covers make up only one small part of our comprehensive brand solution product offerings.

Contact us to create a striking tabletop cover that you can use for years to come.