Branding your event is a big part of your job if you’re an event planner or a venue manager. There are many things you can do to create branding. Some things you may not have thought about. Have you used the chair back covers?

The above photo demonstrates how you can use these stretch chair back covers in an event venue. This is a casino who chose to use the covers to create an easy-to-read seat assignment. They also create a uniform look for the casino. Each chair back cover has a different row number and seat number on the front and back.

In the above case, an event venue wanted to make it clear which seats were reserved for their VIP guests. We’ve all seen the taped paper with “Reserved” on the paper. But they fall off, get removed – any number of things can happen that no longer make your guests feel special. The stretch chair back covers are washable and can also be dry cleaned. They can last for many events. The minimal cost is worth it to make your VIP guests feel valued.

When you order the “Reserved” Chair Back Covers, add these in with them.  There’s only the cost of the Chair Back Cover – this way those guests who need extra attention are covered.

If you don’t need every seat numbered, make the aisle number stand out.  It’s easy to do with the aisle numbers on the Chair Back Covers.  What an excellent way to market your seating.  Add your logo, or any number of graphics to make these a splash.

What if the seats are not standard?  Send us the dimensions with a picture of a chair.  What we did in this instance was create a cardboard pattern to fit the chair, and then make the Chair Back Covers.  The branding was strong throughout the room.  To get custom pricing, send us the picture and dimension of the chair.  Both front and back panels can be printed.

Above is another example of a custom Chair Back Cover.  The client sent us the first (in the black), and we made the white version as their preference.

Don’t overlook these unique marketing opportunities for your event venue.  Call us at 800-325-3824 or email us at  Depending on the quantity, the manufacturing time takes approximately three weeks. If you need a preproduction sample, please allow five weeks.

Your event venue – be it a theater, a casino, an auditorium, or a conference room, you can brand it uniquely with these Stretch Chair Back Covers.

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