Face Mask The CDC recommends that everyone wears a protective mask when out in public. This recommendation has been put forward because evidence shows that reusable or disposable protective masks can assist in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Are you wondering where to find disposable protective masks? Look no further than Red Iron Brand Solutions.

Our Disposable Protective Masks

Our disposable protective masks are made with care to help protect you, your family, and your employees. They are made of an environmentally-friendly material and are non-toxic. They are soft and comfortable to wear, which helps to ensure that they are non-irritating and gentle on skin. Elastic ear loops enhance comfort further by preventing any pressure on the ears. This improved comfort allows for longer wear.

These masks boast three-layers of protection, 95% filtration efficiency, and can protect against more than just the spread of COVID-19. They can also protect against dust, exhaust fumes from traffic, pollen, and more.

Our non-woven disposable protective masks come in boxes containing 50 pieces. We are equipped to handle bulk orders, and the price per item decreases based on how many you purchase. We also provide free shipping and delivery within seven business days.

Other Face Masks from Red Iron Brand Solutions

Along with disposable protective masks, our team specializes in branded reusable protective masks, gaiter face masks, bandana face masks, and KN95 face masks. Our custom branded reusable protective masks are an ideal choice for business owners looking to capitalize on an excellent opportunity to protect their employees and customers, as well as to enjoy a sizable boost in brand awareness.

Why Choose Red Iron Brand Solutions?

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