No matter what product or service your business offers, a large banner or backdrop with an effective design, bold colors, and clear text is a great way of getting your brand out there and your company noticed.

The right banner and backdrop designs can attract a passerby’s attention and get them thinking about your business and what it has to offer. But of course, in today’s overcrowded advertising landscape, there are many banners, backdrops, advertisements, flyers, etc., out there.

So, how do you get your banner to stand out?

Simple: by creating a unique banner design that’ll entice anyone who walks past it!

Here are four banner designs tips to keep in mind:

#1. Determine Where You’ll Use Your Banner or Backdrop

The first step to designing an eye-catching banner stand and/or backdrop is figuring out where it’ll be used.

Do you plan on placing it at a trade show, business convection, fundraising event, in front of your store or even inside your store?

The event or purpose of the banner can inform your decisions about the design, text, color scheme, and message. For example, if the wall of your store is yellow, ensure you choose a different color for your banner’s background colors. This way, the banner will stand out instead of blending into your store’s exterior. You’ll also want to ensure the colors don’t clash with the walls.

Also, consider the setting. If you will mainly be exhibiting at formal business events or black-tie fundraising events, maybe garish colors would not be appropriate.

#2. Define Your Messaging 

The type of messaging you choose to include on your banner determines what passersby will remember about your brand.

Once you determine the purpose of the banner, you need to figure out how to convey the message as succinctly as possible. Banners should contain text of eight words or less. This way, passersby are immediately made aware of, and can remember, what you’re offering.

Some good text ideas include:

  • “Grand Opening”
  • “50% Off All Items”
  • “Free Delivery”
  • “Flash Sale!”
  • “BOGO: Buy One, Get One…”

If your banner stand or backdrop is placed at a convection or trade show, ensure it has your company’s name, logo, and slogan on it. This will help people identify and remember your business with ease. Moreover, you should include your business’ phone number, website URL, and email address so that potential customers can get more information about your products and services.

#3. Select Simple Images or Graphics

Not all banners and backdrops require images, but sometimes the right visuals can get your brand’s message across instantly. Additionally, if you plan on using an image, ensure it’s a high quality, clear image that can be seen and recognized from a distance. For example, fast food companies can include a large image of a burger on their banner so customers can see it from a mile away and it might encourage them to order one right there and then.

Moreover, including images on your banners and backdrops will help passersby remember your brand since an image is often easier to remember than text. For example, if you own a jewelry company, having a beautiful diamond on your advertising banner will definitely help anyone remember exactly what your business offers.

#4. Choose Your Font Style and Size Carefully

It’s important to choose a font size and style that’s clear, simple, and easy to read from a distance. This is crucial if your target audience is walking around at an event, in a mall or on the street.

For the best results, ensure you stick to one type of font or fonts from the same family.

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