For those of us who hesitate to fork out $42 for a Yeti tumbler, there are branded drinkware and cup alternatives at a much lower price. Of course, your immediate question would be about how the quality of the Yeti alternatives coto the real thing.

In this first part of a two-part series, we answer questions frequently asked by our clients to guide you to a purchasing decision that you are comfortable with.

#1. Why Do Yeti Cups Work So Well?

To choose drinkware that is a viable substitute for Yeti, knowing what makes the original so revered is your starting point.

  • For the last 15 years, the Yeti brand has strived to build products that are hard-wearing enough for regular use. From their initial coolers, they have expanded to other outdoor gear, including insulated drinkware. Initially intended for use in the wild, the features that have elevated them to one of the best drinkware solutions include:
    • Innovative design based on firsthand experience
    • High quality to ensure the longevity of the tumblers, mugs, cups, and water bottles
    • Ultra-durability suitable for serious outdoor enthusiasts and the demands of time in the wild

One of the most appealing aspects of Yeti cups is their ability to keep liquids ice cold or piping hot for long periods. The secret to this is vacuum sealed stainless steel design which stops heat conduction and convection. Additionally, the interiors are copper plated, and copper reflects radiation.

#2. Are Yeti Mugs Worth the Money?

As with any premium brand, the price tag correlates with the hype. While the rugged Yeti tumblers and other beverage holders are indeed impressive, even their own website admits that they are over-engineered and that value is subjective.

Let’s decide if Yeti is worth the money by listing the pros and cons:

Yeti Pros & Cons
Most of the information in the table above is easily replicable. Even outdoor equipment buffs and independent reviewers acknowledge that there are other coffee mugs available that offer similar advantages and disadvantages at a fraction of the cost.

#3. Are Any Cups as Good as Yeti?

While there are numerous knock offs on the market, choosing solely on price point seldom pays off in the long run. Consequently, Red Iron Brand Solutions cares more about selling a durable product of value than a cheaper, short-lasting product.

So no, not any-old insulated cup is as good as a Yeti. But yes, there most definitely are alternatives that hold their own when measured against the Yeti-yardstick.

#4. What is Comparable to a Yeti Cup?

Now that you know what qualities make Yeti drinkware leaders and the pitfalls of buying cheap and nasty knock offs, what is comparable to a Yeti?

Outdoor gear suppliers will rattle off names like Ozark Trail Tumblers, Simple Modern, and RTIC Tumblers. However, knowing what criteria to look for will help you choose for yourself a reasonably priced cup that offers equivalent performance:

  • First decide what size vessel you need to brand your event. A mug, cup, tumbler, or drinking bottle?
    Red Iron Brand Solutions has a size for every need – from a 14oz coffee beverage cup with handles to a thirst-quenching 20oz car cup holder beverage bottle with slide lid (similar to a tumbler).
  • Look for a rugged construction that is durable and offers superb insulation.
    All our drinkware is made of vacuum insulated stainless steel with a copper coating.
  • Check if there is a color to highlight your brand? The drinkware at Red Iron Brand Solutions comes in a variety of colors and finishes.
  • Confirm that the cup can be customized. Your artwork can be included by digital, laser etch, or screen print and production takes just 7 business days.

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