When considering economical Yeti drinkware alternatives for your company’s branding, of course you would be concerned about how comparable they are to the premium brand. While “you get what you pay for” is a wise adage, it’s also true that well-known brands with high marketing budgets are often over-priced for the value.

In this second installment of a two-part series, we answer questions frequently asked by our clients to guide you to a purchasing decision that is a great fit for your marketing and event needs.

#5. What Cooler is Better Than a Yeti?

Asking about a cooler when we are comparing drinkware may seem counterintuitive, however, Yeti was founded 15 years ago with the sole goal of building a cooler tough enough to withstand daily use under harsh conditions – even the destructive curiosity of bears! The Seiders brothers now have a range of coolers that is considered to set the standard for cooler technology, durability and quality.

Outdoor enthusiasts have tested and evaluated a variety of coolers to find one better than a Yeti. So far, they haven’t. But they have come up with a list of YETI-alternatives that offer similar performance at a lower total cost:

  • RTIC Coolers
  • Igloo BMX with Cool Riser Technology
  • Grizzly Coolers
  • Pelican Elite Coolers.

#6. Does Yeti Drinkware Lose Its Effectiveness?

Known for their high quality and outstanding durability, Yeti tumblers, mugs, and water bottles should last a lifetime, right? Wrong.

Despite a five-year warranty (terms and conditions apply), there may come a time when you notice that your ice is melting quickly, or your coffee is not staying hot for as long as it used to. That is a tell-tale sign that your Yeti has lost its effectiveness. Although a rare occurrence, the vacuum seal of some old or defective tumblers can be compromised. The stainless steel double-wall vacuum design is key to the insulating properties of the tumblers. But even the tiniest entryway for air renders the vacuum useless. When air fills the void, your beverages are no longer kept hot or cold.

To confirm that the vacuum seal has broken, fully submerge your cup in a bucket of water. If it floats, then the seal has been compromised.

#7. Why are Yeti Cups So Good?

Yeti appears to put its money where its mouth is with a five-year warranty. Yeti owners rave about their cups because they are durable, effective at maintaining beverage temperatures, available in large sizes, and are dishwasher safe.

They also sell extra lids, handles, and other accessories to pimp your drink!

What Cups are Better Than Yeti?

Much like the hunt for coolers that are better than Yeti models, you may think that searching for better cups will leave you empty-handed. However, finding drinkware that performs as well and comes in at a lower price is doable.

Let’s start by excluding dainty drinking glasses and fine china coffee mugs. Yeti chalices are meant to be used on the go and in adventurous settings while maintaining the temperature of hot and cold liquids! A fair comparison needs to take into account:

  • Durability is achieved with stainless steel, a material known for its strength, robustness, and resistance to rust. Check the grade and thickness of the stainless steel, as well as the quality of powder coating and welding.
  • Insulation is what keeps your cold drinks icy and your hot drinks piping. Look for a double-wall vacuum insulation structure. The vacuum between the stainless steel walls prevents conduction and convection. (Bonus: the vacuum also prevents condensation!) Not only is stainless steel a poor conductor, but the inner layer is plated with a layer of copper that reflects radiation.
  • Design options are less important structurally, but essential if you are buying Yeti-like drinkware to brand your company. Yetis come in about 20 colors and you can add monogramming, custom words, or logos – at a price.

Cups and other drinkware available at Red Iron Brand Solutions checks all these boxes and then some. You can trust that we have sourced only the best quality items for your marketing, branding, and event needs.

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