Table Covers are a critical part of any event stand or booth. An uncovered table just screams “unprofessional” and is a tremendous loss of a branding opportunity when your prospects are up close and personal. But, having the right type of table cover for your business and your clientele is just as important.

Why is it important to know the different types of table covers? Well, for one, investing in the wrong table covers for your events could be throwing away your money. If it does not portray your company in the best light, you could be doing more harm than good to your brand. It needs to fit right or and be completely coordinated with your backdrop or tent. The wrong tablecloth can make your decor look small or dull while the right one can help it shine.

First impressions matter. When people notice your business at an event, they notice your decor first. It is the first impression they have of your business (and your products or services). It may seem like a small decision but if your materials at a trade show booth or bigger event look bad, your business reputation can be affected. You could lose leads … or even worse, existing customers.

Here is where this helpful guide on choosing the best table covers for your event, tradeshow, or any occasion comes in. Before we get into the different types of table covers, here are some tips for choosing the best table covers for your company and your event.

#1. How to Choose the Best Table Covers & Linens

As we mentioned, a table cover can make or break your image. There are, however, many options from which to choose and you would be wise to understand the features and benefits of each to make the right choice. With so many items to take care of for your event, you may need help choosing the right table covers. Here are some tips to help you to choose the right table cover for any occasion.

  • Choose the Right Shape and Size

There are few things less appealing than a poorly fitted table cover. Choose too big and you risk people tripping over it or looking sloppy and unprofessional … like you did not put much effort into your event. Go too small and you won’t cover your entire table and it will make your business look cheap and unsophisticated.

So, how do you choose a table cover size? The size of your table cover will depend on your event and style. If you are creating a more casual look and feel, you can go for a shorter table cover. Anything from 152 mm and up will be enough. For more formal events, a longer table cover will be fitting and sophisticated. Think 255 mm and up. Maybe do the measurements upfront or take an old existing table cover to your designer as a reference for a size you need.

  • Match the Tone of the Room 

What is the tone of the event? What is the atmosphere and who are the attendees? Is it business professional or fun and casual? Is it in a formal even space or an outdoor festival? The best part of choosing material for table covers is that you can match it to the event’s look and feel. If it is a casual event and people are looking to have a good time, you can choose a linen that is colorful and stands out. If you have a more professional event, you may want to match it to the theme of the event, your company, your product or service, or choose a basic white and black color theme.

  • Think About Durability and Cleanup 

How long will you need your table cover? Are you looking for reusable table covers or just a table cover for a one-time event? If you require single-use, you can purchase any material you need without the stress of worrying about long-term durability and cleanup after the event to ensure it’s in good shape for your next event. If you want to reuse the table cover, you may want to choose a material that is reusable or won’t stain as quickly. Remember that some laundry facilities may have a size limit on the type of material it washes so if you need large table covers, this may be expensive to clean. Perhaps disposable table covers may be best in this situation.

  • Make the Right Selection Within Your Budget 

How much money can you spend? Materials such as table covers are essential but they also shouldn’t cost a fortune. Draw up a budget so you can plan on how much you are willing to spend on table covers. Thankfully, there are a lot of options available from reliable suppliers such as Red Brand Iron Solutions to fit all pockets.

  • Materials Matter

The type of material you choose makes a difference. When choosing a material for your table cover, look for these features:

  • Material that absorbs spills
  • Material that is machine washable
  • A high polyester content if you want to reuse it later on as this will help prevent shrinking in the wash
  • A high cotton content for a professional and natural look and feel
  • Vinyl table covers for outdoor events
  • Strong material that is scratch resistant and tear-resistance
  • A material with a snug fit
  • A material that does not wrinkle quickly like stretch table covers
  • Waterproof material if your event has food and drink
  • Easy to install, remove and store

#2. How To Make Sure Your Table Covers Look Good

Whether you need it for a day or years, you need your table cover to last throughout your entire event. You can use these tips to ensure it looks great and stays put.

  • If you are purchasing a new table cover and it doesn’t fit too well, return it for a proper-sized table cover.
  • Rewash and launder your table cover after each use
  • Iron your table cover if you can
  • If you are using more than one table cover, stack them on top of each other neatly to avoid it bunching up.
  • Wrap the table cover around a table leg or tube if you can. The wrapping will help you to avoid creases and make your table cover look more sophisticated.
  • No iron? No problem! Sprinkle some water on your table cover and leave it to dry overnight to help smooth out the wrinkles.

#3. How To Accessorize Your Table Cover

Does your table cover need some sprucing up? Sometimes formal events can require boring colors and other times, you have to stick to a theme color. That’s ok, you can add some glam to your table cover by adding accessories. These can include:

#4. How To Choose a Table Cover from Red Iron Brand Solutions

Stand out at your next event with our durable table covers and table throws. We provide a dozen different table covers suitable for a variety of events including product displays, corporate events, and conventions. Simply choose a table cover from our website and then make a custom printed table cover in your shape and size. Then choose a design and material to match your look.

Unsure which to choose? Here are some types of table covers you can choose from:

Stretch Table Covers

Tight and nice – stretch table covers are made from material that provides a snug fit. Have a reception? Choose these covers. They are perfect for smaller tables but fit on most tables that require a tight fit. These covers are great for functions or events that require a lot of items on your table as they will keep your items in place.

Our stretch table covers are available in two widths and provide a smooth, fitted look. They are made from 100% polyester stretch fabric and suitable for dry clean or machine wash.

Convertible Table Covers

Think of convertible table covers as a convertible car. You can adjust the cover according to your event. Convertible table covers are perfect for trade shows. These are customizable table covers that are adjustable to the size of your table. Regardless of your table size or venue, they will make any table look professional and neat.

We have a convertible table cover that fits both small and larger tables. Pair them with chair back covers from Red Iron Brand Solutions to finish the look.

Blank Table Covers

Yet something simple and sweet? Blank table covers are plain and simple. There is no print or distracting design. These are great for trade shows and formal and professional events. They can hide your unattractive tables too or make unattractive products look a bit more appealing.

We provide a blank table throw for any table style. Round or flat, you can customize your size. You can choose from multiple colors to match your look and venue. Our table covers are made from waterproof material so they are perfect for beverage stations or taste-testing events.

Custom Printed Table Covers

Custom printed table covers are available as part of our customizable range. You can add your logo, contact details, or other text or graphic to your table cover. These custom designs will help your table to stand out at events. They are also versatile. You can even design table covers for your home with your family name or gift them to someone. Businesses can use these table covers as promotional items or for competitions and giveaways.

Fitted Table Covers

Everyone likes a perfect fit. Don’t make your table look baggy and untidy. Choose a fitted table cover for a neat look. Fitted table covers are made specifically to fit a table, be it round or rectangle. They are usually easy to set up and can be custom branded along with the customizable size. Our fitted tables fit so snug that they make any display table look professional and well-designed.

You can use these for events or your home tables. The best part of these covers is that they don’t wrinkle easily. You won’t need to worry about your cover looking untidy with our fitted table covers.

Flat Table Covers

Too tight? Loosen up your tablecloth a bit by choosing a flat table cover. These covers provide a natural cover without making your table look untidy or bulky. Flat table covers from Red Iron Brand Solutions can be customized to your perfection. They are ideal if you need to hide what’s under the table or to make your seating a little more comfortable while also providing outstanding branding

When you choose table covers from Red Iron Brand Solutions, you receive table covers that are easy to set up and come in a variety of different colors that are made from a well-designed fabric. We have standard table throws too. We only supply products made from quality material and our pricing is affordable. Can’t find the type of table cover you need? Maybe you are not sure about the width of the table? You can let us know and we can customize a solution for you. Contact us at 1-800-325-3824 or fill out the short form here.

View our different types of table covers on our website or contact our team today!