Who takes the win for the best table cover? Table Cloths are available in many different fabrics, patterns and quality levels for all different events and table types. The winner for you will likely depend on your business needs and your event. Are you exhibiting at a casual event like an outdoor festival or a more formal one like an awards banquet? We picked out the best choices for you, no matter what your needs. Below are our choices for the best casual table cover, best formal table cover, and best overall winner.

The Best Casual Table Cover

Casual events are fun. While you always want to present your company in the most professional manner, there is a lot less pressure on you to keep it formal all the time. These table covers can be used for an inside beverage or food station or outdoor festival, among many other uses. In our opinion, a good casual table cover will be spill-proof, especially if you have an event with food and drink. It will be made from a fabric that is made for durability and prevents stains, like denier coated nylon table covers.

And the winner is….

If we had to choose, it will probably be our Waterproof Table Cover. This waterproof table cover is stain-resistant (you can easily wipe or hose off dirt) and is made from heavy-duty 400 Denier Coated Nylon material. You can use the table cover for indoor or outdoor use due to the added protection it provides. It also can be imprinted with a full-color digital graphics or can be left blank depending on your event. Choose a colorful version for a fun event or a plain for a conventional event.

The Best Formal Tablecloth

Formal events don’t have to be boring. A custom table cover can spruce up any formal event or occasion. Table covers that are tastefully branded with your company logo and other details can help you to stand out from the crowd at a formal event without being overly loud and tacky. A formal table cover also makes a wedding or special occasion look even more special. Polyester poplin tablecloths are probably the best material as they look neat and professional.

Our Personal Best Formal Choice Winner?

Our Formal Fitted Table Cover takes the win when it comes to formal events. It is perfect for full graphics such as a company logo and branding. A fitted table cover means you have a 360° coverage and don’t have to worry about unsightly wrinkles. It also helps you to easily access items from under the table if needed. Our fitted table cover is made from polyester poplin and has a neat and professional draped style. You can choose any color that suits your event, however formal events will probably look best with black and white or other dark color choices.

The Best Tablecloth Overall

The best tablecloth award? We cannot choose! There are so many versatile and beautiful table covers to choose from – they will have to suit your particular event and business. Here are some tips for choosing the best table cover for you:

  • Make sure it is resistant to scratches and wrinkles and can be easily cleaned of spills
  • Check if the table cover is machine washable, especially if you plan on reusing it for more events
  • A polyester table cover will look professional and classic for many events and are affordable
  • Choose a table cover size that fits your round or rectangle table for the best look
  • Make sure you purchase your table cover from a professional company like Red Brand Iron Solutions to ensure you get the best product and price.

For more information, read How to Choose the Right Table Cover for Your Company and Your Event

Need Help Choosing the Right Table Cover for Your Company & Event?

When you choose table covers from Red Iron Brand Solutions, you can be assured of getting a product that is easy to set up and will last for many events. Not sure what you need? Don’w worry, we can help. View our different types of table cloths on our website or contact our team today! Let us know your needs and we can help you select the right table cover for you. Contact us at 1-800-325-3824 or fill out the short form here.