From glassware to mugs – what is the best branded drinkware for 2022? Read about the drinkware that gives you the best bang for your buck in this article. Before we take a look at the best drinkware, it’s important to understand where it came from as well as today’s top drinkware trends. By understanding this, you can appreciate the importance of drinkware and how to purchase the right drinkware for your personal or business use.

Drinkware Facts 

Did you know the history of modern drinkware began over 5,000 years ago? Prior to the invention of glass, of course, clay and even wood were used to hold liquids. It is hard to believe that glass was first born in the 16th century. The drinkware at the time, however, was not made from the materials you see today. It was originally made from opaque materials. Drinking has gone through the years being transformed into the material you today see on shelves. Before glassware, there were ornaments and other precious materials made for the wealthy. Over time, Egyptians gifted glassware to those higher powers.

Transparent glass started to make its way around the world in the 18th century. It created a new world where the sight and materials of glass were explored. Vessels were made from glass, and wine and ceremonial festivities were celebrated with glassware. Soon banquets and parties were filled with glass and other vessels used to enjoy the time.

Glassware through the modern ages started to evolve to introduce portable drinkware and lighter drinkware. Drinkware now includes plastic, paper, or other recycled forms of material. Reusable cups and holders were introduced not only for convenience, but to meet the needs of consumers concerned with the waste of disposable portable drinkware. When we look back, what started as gifts among Egyptians is today a must-have in every home, business, or social setting.

How Has Drinkware Changed in 2022?

Drinkware today is used in homes for everyday meals, family dinners, to entertain large groups of people, or for busy people on the move. There is a selection to choose from and a variety of drinkware for any occasion. Glasses are not only made from glass but may contain acrylic, recyclable plastic, tempered glass, metal or other materials. The reason behind this change of materials is that people are no longer using just glass for home purposes.

It can be tough to carry a glass mug around when you are on the move, commuting, hiking, or in a hurry, and this is where portable mugs and bottles come in. Most portable drinkware products are made from materials that are durable and virtually unbreakable under normal use. Materials other than glass are best for busy people or for storing juices for kids and younger children. It can be taken to work, school, or the playground, making it a great alternative for the whole family.

Portable drinkware from brans such as YETI have grown substantially throughout the years. Plastic glasses and drinkware have begun to be manufactured in various sizes and colors. Alternative drinkware products at a lower price point were also created to help those who cannot afford to splurge out on expensive drinkware regularly.

How to Look for the Best Drinkware?

The “unbreakable” nature of portable drinkware means you will have it for a long time. It’s important that you look for the right drinkware to meet your needs today and for the immediate future. You don’t want to buy expensive drinkware only to find that it doesn’t your needs or last for the long haul. The wrong drinkware won’t just take your hard-earned money, but it will end up in your cupboards to take up valuable space in your home.

First, you need to decide what drinkware is best for you and your family, or business. Are you buy person on-the-move? Then you may need to purchase more portable drinkware items. Look for drinkware such as a portable mug or bottle. Ensure that it has a stable lid, especially if you are going to use it during sporting activities. If you are going to be using drinkware in your car, you can purchase a car cup or a smaller cup that fits in your car holder.

If you need drinkware for home, look for drinkware that suits your taste and volume of beverate. For a good presentation, it’s best to go with cocktail glasses. Juices can be served in tall glasses. Pitchers and cups are best for family gatherings or intimate get-togethers.

The benefit of today’s drinkware products is that there are so many choices to choose from. You can buy sets of glasses or invest in portable glasses in a quantity that works best for you. You can store them in sets if you need to save space if you have a small home. Most drinkware can be used for any type of drink too which makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Creating Memories with Drinkware

Drinkware and drinkware sets are meant to last for a long time. If you are making a purchase, you are not just buying something to hold your beverages now but you are making time for yourself. Regardless of where you go, portable cups, for example, can be used to help you to destress with a cup of coffee or enjoy a drink with your friends while taking a hike. Throwing a party cannot be complete without a beautiful set of glasses at the table. A car trip is not complete without a (non-alcoholic) drink in your cup holder. Drinkware is more than just material items. It helps to create memories by yourself or with friends and family.

Drinkware can also be matched to these beautiful memories. Gone are the days when drinkware was plain glass or black and white. Now you can choose styles and colors that suit your personality, car, or mood. You can wow people around you with your new water bottle or impress people at your office with your mug.

A benefit of drinkware that can be used on the move is its eco-friendly nature. Instead of cups that are thrown away and up in a landfill, choosing portable cups and mugs is a more sustainable way of drinking. This drinkware can be refilled at home or sometimes even at stores or coffee shops such as Starbucks. By choosing this drinkware, you can do your part to save the environment and help future generations to create the same memories that you do.

Drinkware Tips

Looking to buy drinkware in 2022? Here are some tips to help you to get the best bang for your buck.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are so many types of drinkware it can be quite overwhelming to know which one is right for you. There is a difference between beverageware and glassware for example. If you are purchasing from an online store, don’t be afraid to contact the company and ask them about their drinkware. It may seem silly at the time but it is better than making the wrong decision and ending up with a purchase you will never use.
  • Figure out if the glass will be best for you. As stated above, glass is quite breakable and may not be best choice for most busy people and children. It can also be quite expensive. It is probably best to have a set of glasses for around the house, but don’t forget to consider your other, on the go, drinkware needs as well.
  • How much drinkware do you need? If you are purchasing drinkware for an institution or business, find out the number of people involved and the drinks that will likely be consumed regularly. Will you be giving your drinkware away as promotional items? If so, don’t forget to brand your drinkware in your company colors and adorn it with your logo.
  • Does it meet your guests’ or customers’ lifestyle? If you are gifting drinkware, choose glass only if it is suitable for someone’s home and lifestyle. Most people prefer eco-friendly options. If your customers travel far distances or are unsure about the fragility of glass being transported, look for durable glassware that won’t shatter in transit.

Drinkware that’s Best for Coffee

We suggest a coffee cup with a sipping lid for your promotional needs. Ceramic coffee cups used to be a good branding item, but they lack the portability and durability needed in today’s fast-paced world. A coffee cup with a sipping lid is an excellent choice for the office and home. You can take your coffee with you if you are late for work or leaving for a meeting. If you are working from home, you can grab your coffee and easily move between rooms (or keep it safe from children and pets) without worrying about spilling it on your expensive floor coverings (or your desk).

When looking for a lidded coffee cup, plastic is OK, but it won’t keep your beverage hot or cold long and aren’t always dishwasher safe. Stainless steel is the much more durable and will keep your coffee hot or cold for hours. We suggest our coffee cup with a copper coating that keeps coffee hot for over 8 hours and cold for over 12.

Best Drinkware for Cold Beverages

A lidded bottle is often the best choice for cold beverages. It allows you to quickly access your drink when needed, as well as keeps it cool for a long time. The coldness will however depend on the type of bottle you choose so make sure you choose a bottle that has a coating or insulation. The bottle needs to be strong enough to hold liquid and have a mouth opening large enough to add ice if needed.

We suggest our hot/cold beverage bottle to keep drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. A leak proof bottle with a carrying bar is great for grabbing a drink on the move. Made of stainless steel, vacuum insulated and coated with copper this Levian Cola Shaped Bottle ensures you can keep your beverage with you wherever you are, without the risk of breakage.

Best Drinkware with Sip Lids

coffee/beverage cup with a sipping lidA spill proof lid is essential for travel mugs and cups. Preferably you should choose drinkware that comes with a portable lid. There are many different types of lids available for cups and bottles today, including sip lids and slide lids. We suggest finding a lid that works best for you. Sip lids are essential for busy people. If you are traveling a lot, this may be a mug with a sipping lid. If you are an office worker, a sliding lid will can work great. If we had to choose, we would pick our coffee/beverage cup with a sipping lid. It provides for easy access to coffee and can be used in the office or for travel purposes.

Best On-The-Go Bottles

stainless steel leak-proof bottle with carrying handleThere are so many factors to consider for beverage bottles today. One of these factors is durability. A stainless steel bottle such as our leakproof bottle is made to last. It comes with a stainless steel carrying bar which makes it convenient when on a hike or when your hands are full of other items. Just slip a finger through the bar and your hands are free for other items or activities. The leak proof lid means it is a great option for kids who are prone to spillage, jogging, hiking and those bumpy car rides. You can use the bottle for a walk, to the office, or just for a drive to the store. It’s vacuum insulated with a copper coating to keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

Best Car Cup 

large car cup holder beverage bottle with attached leak proof lidGlass or ceramic drinkware is just impractical for cars. They’re breakable, spillable and have no insulation for the ride in hot or cold weather. Car cups and bottles help you enjoy your beverage regardless of where you are traveling. We suggest our large car cup holder beverage bottle with attached leak proof lid. The leak proof lid helps to keep your beverage in the cup throughout your travels in traffic. Its vacuum insulated and copper coating can be used for hot or cold drinks, keeping drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. The car cup has a perfect stainless steel exterior to stay looking good for years and it’s slide lid helps keep drinks from spilling should you accidentally topple them over in your car.

Why We Recommend This Drinkware

hot/cold beverage bottle with slide lidWhether you are in a car or traveling, a hot/cold beverage bottle with slide lid will keep your beverage fresh for longer. The bottle comes with a sliding lid that makes your drink easily accessible in the car or at your desk. The drinkware allows you to store up to 20 ounces of warm drinks for 8 hours or up to 12 hours for cold drinks. Made from stainless steel and with secure vacuum insulation and copper coating, this drinkware is the best you can get in 2022. Don’t take our word for it, try it out and let us know what you think.

The Best Drinkware Bang for Your Buck

Our large car cup holder beverage bottle with slide lid is the best bang for your buck. It comprises insulation, copper coating, and a stainless steel exterior that keep drinks cold or warm. The beverage cup holder option is the best purchase you can make as it is something you will always find useful. It is large enough to store a lot of beverages should you wish to take a car trip or travel long distances, or if you just require more beverages for your family trips. For as low as $5.66, it is a worthwhile buy for both the short and long term.

Stylish Leak Proof Levian Cola Shaped Bottle

Stylish Leak Proof Levian Cola Shaped BottleLook good on the go. These stylish leak proof Levian cola shaped bottles are sure to grab people’s attention at group events, promotional giveaways, school events or just when you’re out for a jog or hike. Available in eight different colors or finishes, these 17-ounce stainless steel bottles are vacuum insulated with a copper coating to keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. The leak proof lid will ensure that you don’t lose a drop of your precious liquid in even the toughest conditions.

Our Take on the Best Drinkware Purchases this Year

Whether you are looking for drinkware for work or play, portable cups and bottles are the best purchase you can make. Red Iron Brand Solutions has a range of drinkware for every occasion, beverage, taste, and season. You can use our mugs to travel or our cups for a quick coffee run. Whether you need a mug for yourself or a bottle for your entire family, we have something for everyone. With beautiful designs and sturdy stainless steel material, you can use our drinkware for all events and occasions. All of Red Iron Brands drinkware are available in multiple colors or finishes and can be customized with your logo or other custom artwork and ready for delivery in only seven days after approval of final design.

Why Choose Red Iron Brand Solutions?

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