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This new world of social distancing requires us all to come up with creative solutions to ensure the health and safety of necessary gatherings of groups of people. We’ve all seen the reporters on the news socially distanced at press briefings with their chairs six-feet apart. But what do you do when your chairs are permanently attached to the floor, like in an auditorium or courthouse?

Facilities Manager Develops Creative Solution to Social Distancing with Chair Back Covers

A facilities manager at a county courthouse in Colorado contacted us because he was looking for a way to establish Social Distancing in his court room. He recognized that Red Iron Brand Solutions Stretch Chair Back Covers were the answer to his challenge.

Virtual Meeting Ensures Perfect Chair Back Cover Fit

With no time to spare to get court up and running safely, Red Iron Brand Solutions met “virtually” with the Colorado courthouse facilities manager via Facetime to discuss the solution, work out the details and ensure that the fit was perfect for the chairs in his courtroom. Once we had the specifications worked out, 150 Stretch Chair Back Covers were rushed to Colorado in time. While you can customize your chair back covers with any wording, our facilities manager decided on “Reserved”. You might choose something like “Sit Here” or “Don’t Sit Here” or some other creative solution. The choice is yours.

Chair Back Covers Identify Safe Seating

By customizing the front and back of the Chair Back Covers, you can identify to your attendees where it’s safe to be seated in any large room that has permanently affixed seating. This is a simple solution to protect the health and safety of your group without the time-consuming, expensive and messy project of removing permanently mounted seats. And, if and when we ever get back to “normal”, the Chair Back Covers can be simply removed and re-used.

Chair Back Covers Could Be Simple Solution for Many Venues

With this experience in Red Iron Brand Solutions’ pocket, we were able to recommend the same solution for a facilities director for a football stadium for 10,000 Chair Back Covers. Touchdown! The potential for this creative solution to social distancing at events is endless. As cities and states across the nation begin to open up and move closer to a new “normal”, we expect some type of social distancing will be with us for a while. These Chair Back Covers could help smooth the transition for a whole host of venues and events like movie theaters, concerts, live theater events, seminars, conferences…. The possibilities are endless.

Seven Different Chair Back Cover Styles to Meet Your Needs

To fit nearly any chair size or shape, Red Iron Brand Solutions Offers seven different types of Chair Back Covers. Choose from Stretch Chair Back Covers, Fabric Banquet Chair Covers, Fabric Chair Back Draped Headrest Covers, Non-Woven Chair Back Draped Headrest Covers, Fitted Chair Back Covers, Stretch Banquet Chair Covers, Stretch Folding Chair Covers to fit the chairs in your location.

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