Are you considering the pros and cons of investing in company giveaways, also known as “swag”? It is a very effective and attractive way to market your business, but is it really worth the investment? You will be able to reach more customers, increase brand awareness, and you can even boost employee engagement.

You are by no means limited in terms of the products you can use as part of your company swag marketing campaigns. Branded drinkware, tote bags, clothing, sleep masks, gym gear – you name it. By combining functionality with branding and aesthetic appeal you can powerfully promote your brand through great swag.

Different Ways Branded Company Swag Can Be Distributed

There are three ways in which company swag can be distributed:

  • Hand-outs to employees: You can give the swag to employees to help build a cohesive culture. You can boost employee engagement and encourage them to get more deeply involved in marketing and become ambassadors for your brand.
  • Give to consumers as a promotional item: Giving swag to customers is an inexpensive way to help generate awareness around your brand and business.
  • Sell to consumers and employees: Alternatively, you can also use swag as a source of revenue, as well as a marketing tool.

Benefits of Company Swag

Company swag is not a simple promotional tool. It comes with several benefits for your brand and company. 

Improve Your Brand Awareness

By simply printing your logo on a range of inexpensive everyday items, you can increase brand exposure and keep your brand at the front of consumers’ minds. You can develop a name for yourself while relating to the interests and lifestyle of your customers, employees and partners.

Increase Brand Loyalty and Customer Trust

Corporate swag helps to keep your customers engaged with your brand long after a meeting has taken place, a trade show has been held, or a sale has been made. Increased brand awareness can also help foster trust and loyalty. The more people that see your branding, or use items marked with your branding, the more legitimate and credible your brand will appear to them.

Improve Staff Morale by Fostering Team Spirit

Corporate swag given out to staff is also a great way to foster team spirit, encourage team members to relate to the brand, and increase morale among workers. You can give swag out to all staff members or be selective. Whatever your approach may be, having your staff wear and use items with your brand on them serves to boost collaboration and teamwork.

Use it to Recognize and Reward Employees

While you might choose to give some swag out to your entire team, you may also wish to hold some items back as rewards for good work. This fosters a sense of both teamwork and healthy competition, while also reinforcing your brand among your staff and encouraging engagement.

Where to Order High-Quality Company Swag

At Red Iron Brand Solutions, we design and produce a variety of company swag items, from drinkware to tote bags and clothing. We take pride in handling our clients with special care. Our experience in the industry of 30 years allows us to offer great ideas to our clients. We can help you with effective and memorable brand marketing. Contact us for quality company swag that will boost your brand, increase customer loyalty, and foster staff engagement. See our product offerings and chat with us online today at, call us at 800-325-3824 or email us at for more information.

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