Exhibiting at a trade show or other event is potentially an excellent decision for your business, but it isn’t enough just to attend. Once you have booked your place you need to make sure that people will actually visit your booth. It’s important to make the most of your investment in exhibit space. Setting up a trade show booth that draws visitors is not as difficult as you think. It requires a little creative thought and some help from a branding expert or two. Here are some great tips to help you set up an attractive and memorable trade show stall that will bring people in.

Preparation Is Key

All successful projects have one thing in common: a good plan. Strategize your trade show attendance carefully. Ask yourself several key questions and come up with the answers so that you can optimize the performance of your booth.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Whom do you want to attract?
  • How can your existing brand identity be incorporated into a unique look and feel that suits the event?
  • Where will your booth be positioned – what other brands will be alongside you, and how will this affect your visibility?

Come up with ways to design and construct your booth for maximum attractiveness and visitor experience. Build your booth as far in advance of the event as the venue and the organizers will allow, so you can test the layout, see how your booth looks, and make final adjustments if necessary.

Build Up Hype Before the Event 

A trade show actually starts a long time before the actual scheduled date. The event organizers will start advertising months and advance. You, as an exhibitor should also use the time you have to build hype around the event in general, and your attendance there in particular. Create interactive online campaigns that invite discussion and stir up a good, loud buzz in the months and weeks before the trade show begins.

Make Your Booth Stand Out with Bright Colors

Bright colors set the tone for your booth and should also make it stand out from your many fellow exhibitors. Choose three colors – no more, no less – that will serve as an appropriate palette, taking your brand identity into account. Your primary color should take up about 60% of the space. Then choose a secondary color and an accent. The secondary color should take up about 30% of the space, while the accent will add the finishing touches and complete the remaining 10% percent.

Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in Booth Design 

Be sure not to skimp on the design and construction of your booth. Trade show booths can be pricey, but the investment is well worth it if it makes your brand stand out and draws visitors to your booth. Create something that you can reuse at multiple trade shows. Keep the message simple, choose a strong theme that really speaks to your brand, and use technology effectively.

Think Outside the Box with Giveaways and Promotional Items

Try to avoid opting for the ‘usual’ trade show promotional items – pens, lanyards, and the like. Think outside the box and choose giveaway items that really speak to your brand. Choose something that is both useful and fun, that has both functional and aesthetic value, and that will keep your brand before your visitors’ eyes for a long time after the trade show ends.

At Red Iron Brand Solutions, we take pride in handling our clients with special care. Our experience in the industry of 30 years allows us to offer great ideas to our clients. We can help you with effective and memorable brand marketing for events of all kinds. Contact us for help setting up a trade show booth that people will visit and remember. See our product offerings and chat with us online today at https://redironbrand.com/, call us at 800-325-3824 or email us at sales@redironbrand.com for more information.

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