Event BannersConference event banners are an impactful resource to help you stand out at your next conference, exhibition or other marketing events and need to be considered just as much as you would any other part of your marketing strategy. The design not only needs to grab your audience’s attention, but it also must get your message across. Therefore, it needs the same amount of consideration than any other promotional material you are using.

Whether you need a standard straight fabric banner stand, a premium straight fabric banner stand, a retractable vinyl banner and retail display, a double-sided retractable banner, economy retractable display banners, a table cover retractable banner or a large custom retractable banner, here are some design tips:

  • Leverage the Top 
    Being at eye level, this is prime real estate. So, use it for your company logo and fundamental message.
  • Make it Legible
    Design as you read – top to bottom and left to right in Western society – so that your message is easy to read. Reduce clutter, excess text, and fanciful fonts. Less is definitely more, and additional information should be shared by your sales team.
  • Use High-Res Images
    When enlarged to fit a banner, images from your website will be distorted unless they are of high quality – at least 300 dpi. Access the original, as most are pared down to increase the loading speed of your website.
  • Clear Contact Details 
    Your contact details are an important inclusion in your banner design. Remember to include your website, contact number, email address, and physical address (if appropriate), plus social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

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