Custom Golf FlagUsed for centuries by kingdoms and countries, pirates and parishes, these pieces of rectangular cloth have become increasingly popular as marketing tools. Just as seamen use nautical flags to communicate, so your branded flags tell customers and prospects who you are and what you do. Whichever shape of branded flag you are looking for, ours all use dye sublimation – a permanent imprint method which infuses colors into the fibers of the fabric, so that it becomes part of the material for color-fastness and durability. ⦁

Standard Pole Flags

Basic, but classic, these 110 denier nylon flags (for single sided imprint or 100 denier for double sided imprint) have durable reinforced stitching and a canvas header with grommets. Because of the mirror image on the reverse side, they are an ideal way to spread your marketing message. ⦁

Rectangle Feather Flags

If maximum surface area for your logo or branding message is your top priority, the rectangle feather flag is the best option for you. Constructed with UV protected fabric and reinforced stitching, these flags have a mirror image on the reverse side, or you can choose a double-sided option. ⦁

Blade Feather Flags

These flags are made from 4 oz. knit polyester to increase their eye-catching flutter. Because they are best outdoors, these flags are UV protected and fade resistant for a long-lasting impression. ⦁

Teardrop Feather Flags

Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, this type of flag rotates on its stake to catch the wind. Teardrop feather flags provide an ideal area for vibrant imaging. ⦁

Shark Fin Flags

Similar to feather flags, but with a zany S-shaped edge, shark fin flags are sure to flutter their way to the public’s eye and boost what you are promoting. They boast UV protected fabric and reinforced stitching for durability. There is a mirror image on the reverse side. A double-sided flag is also available. ⦁

Golf Pin Flags

If you are sponsoring or hosting a golf day, customized golf pin flags are an elegant way to promote your brand.

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