At Red Iron Brand Solutions, we offer products for hospitality venues to create a professional appearance when you are hosting events. Many of the useful tools of the hospitality profession are basic in appearance and require a polished exterior by dressing these items in stretch fabric. These include tables, bus tubs, beverage dispensers, aluminum-topped tables, and tray jack stands. These are items used to serve food during a conference, weddings, trade shows, and other large gatherings. Typically, these items are utilized in hotels and event venues. How do you make these items uniform and professional?

You do so by covering these with consistent colored fabric. Red Iron Brand offers these items in many fabric options but the most popular is our stretch fabric. Below is an image of the stretch Table Throw.

We also offer imprinted stretch table covers, such as the below image:

The most popular color is black, but we offer other colors as well, including white, ivory, lemon yellow, gold, brown, hunter green, red, royal, navy, purple, silver, black, neon green, neon yellow, neon orange, and neon pink. We have standard 6 and 8 foot sizes but we also have the capability of custom sizes.

Another popular hospitality item is the bus tub cover. These are offered in the same colors as above. Create unity in your venue by ordering these in the same color.

Beverage dispensers are important when hosting groups of people. Additionally, they are seen where vacationers gather. Make a professional impression by dressing these with covers, such as seen below.

A new item seen in the hospitality circuit is the swirl top aluminum tables. The table top itself is professional and attractive.  To create a harmonized appearance with your other hospitality items, we offer a stretch fit “under table” skirt. This allows the table appearance to complement your other hospitality items, as shown below

Tray jack stands are not particularly attractive without a covering but are a needed item for delivering food and cleaning up during the celebration process. This is an easy correction. Add a stretch fit Tray Jack Stand Cover. This enables the appearance of all of your hospitality items to have a cohesive appearance, and lend that professionalism to your event that is crucial to the success of your event.

We also have the capabilities are manufacturing cage covers. Please call with dimensions and quantity desired, and we can offer you a custom quote.  That includes any of the above items which may vary from a traditional size.

At Red Iron Brand Solutions, we focus on delivering superior and reliable products that align consistently with our ability to provide our clients with exceptional business solutions. Our dedication to offering distinct event displays enhances creative marketing results for our customers to receive the highest returns on their brands.  Call us at 800-325-3824, or email