Retractable banners have long been known as one of the best, and most economical, types of advertising for trade exhibitions and retail stores. But did you know they’re also a great tool to attract people to a grand opening, event, or store promotion.

Vinyl or fabric retractable banners are also incredibly handy since they’re a portable advertising tool that’s easy to put up and take down and can be placed both inside and outside any location. They are durable, budget-friendly and super easy to clean as well.

Most promotional product companies that sell retractable banners let you choose from a variety of options, including backdrops, table covers, retractable banners and even pop up tents for trade exhibitions. To meet the needs of your event, there are also a wide range of materials, colors, and designs you can choose from. You can design and coordinate all these marketing signage products so people will remember your specific brand and message.

But before you settle on the right company to print your retractable banners, here are a few handy tips you need to know.

What are the Different Types of Banners and Backdrops?

Here’s a list of the three different types of banners and backdrops you can choose from for your location or your next event:

#1. Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are sometimes also known as window shade banners because they can be pulled up and down. These banners are usually printed on a vinyl or premium fabric material and can be single or double sided to fit your marketing requirements.

Once you’ve chosen a banner style and created your design, your custom artwork will be printed and rolled into a retractable base unit. The artwork will remain protected and secure while being transported or shipped to the required location.

Care and handling of retractable banners

Retractable banners are very durable, but to ensure they last as long as possible, there are a few things you should know. When retracting the banner, do not let it “fling” back into the unit. Retract the banner back into the base slowly

  • Do not put too much force on either side of the base unit
  • Ensure the banner is clean and dry before retracting it back into the base unit. If you are packing up after an event in inclement weather, just be sure to set up the banner when you’re back at home base, wipe it down and let it air dry before retracting and storing the banner until the next event.

If you want to ensure your banner lasts even longer, you might consider investing in hard-sided shipping cases. This can keep your banner even safer during storage and transit.

#2. Fabric Backdrops

Custom Fabric Backdrops are sometimes referred to as banners, but they are usually larger and are not retractable. Backdrops can be large, free-standing units or small enough to fit on a tabletop. They can be one-sided or two-sided. They can be as thin as the frame and fabric or they can three-dimensional. They can be flat or curved. The options are endless.

Fabric backdrops don’t retract into a base unit; as a result, the artwork is handled separately. This is also why banner stands are considered to be somewhat more delicate than retractable banners.

You can opt to store the hardware and the artwork together or separately. Some come with a carrying case for the frame and the artwork, but remember that the artwork needs to be protected to ensure its durability over the long term.

When you’re ready to use the banner stand, the banner frame is created and then the fabric printed with your artwork is affixed to the banner. While both the frame and fabric are durable, the longevity of a banner stand depends on how you treat the artwork.

#3. Pop Up Backdrops

  • Pop up backdrops have several names, including:
  • Pop up booths
  • Collapsible banners
  • Accordion style banners
  • Pop up displays

These banners are usually quite large and are often used in exhibitions, conferences, event booths, and other large marketing events.

Marketers love pop up backdrops because they have a quick set up time and usually require little to no tools for assembly. You can also get pop up banners with pre-attached artwork. However, some do require you to put the artwork and hardware together.

Additionally, all pop up backdrops are considered to be portable displays. But not all portable displays are pop up backdrops.

Why Use Banners and Backdrops for Business

Here are the top two reasons banners and backdrops can benefit your business.

#1. They are a Cost-Effective Solution

One of the best benefits of relying on vinyl banners is that they are an affordable advertising tool.

Banners are also incredibly quick to make, so if you need an advertising tool right away, banners are the way to go!

Vinyl banners are also lightweight, ship well, and are low-maintenance.

#2. They Have High Visual Impact

Retractable banners and backdrops can help your business connect with potential customers in seconds. A well-designed banner can grab the attention of a passerby and encourage them to visit your booth or your store!

Moreover, a colorful banner with eye-catching graphics can grab the attention of customers from a good distance away and draw them in to your location.

Having an effective message on your banner can help you increase foot traffic to your booth or retail store. For example, having a giant banner showcasing your business’ massive sale will definitely drive customers to your store.

How Do Banners and Backdrops Attract Customers?

Retractable banners and backdrops are eye-catching advertising tools that can motivate people to visit your store. In fact, depending on the business, 15–45 percent of customers stop in on impulse.

As a result, retractable banners and backdrops can definitely boost your store’s daily traffic.

Banners and backdrops can also be seen by customers from a distance, making it easier for your business to reach customers and motivate them to stop by your location.

Retractable banners and backdrops also rely on visual elements to connect with your target audience. This is fantastic since people tend to remember and resonate with visual ads more than plain text.

Tips for Designing an Effective Banner or Backdrop

Here are four tips for designing a successful banner:

#1. The Design

Retractable banners and backdrops are used to grab the attention of potential customers, make a good impression, and deliver your business’ brand and message clearly.

As a result, your banner’s design plays a major role in how successful it is. You can hire professionals to get the job done if you lack the expertise in-house.

When designing your banner, also consider where you’ll be placing the banner – will it hang over a wall, does it need to accommodate wind slits, pockets, and more. All of these will have a direct impact on the artwork design of your banner or backdrop.

#2. Standing Out

Feel free to get creative when designing your custom banner or backdrop. Remember to incorporate sharp, bold colors, a few lines, or even just a few words of text, your business logo, color scheme, and more.

If the banner or backdrop will be placed outdoors, ensure it has a height of around four feet. For indoor banners, aim for a width and height that is less than three quarters of the total space so it doesn’t overwhelm.

Depending upon the event, you can stand out from competitors by having a dark colored banner or backdrop with eye-catching graphics and text. But remember that this might cost more since more ink may be required. In other cases, where the atmosphere is darker, a bright colored banner or backdrop might create the same dramatic effect.

#3. Order in Bulk

Most banners and backdrops are robust and can survive some adverse weather conditions. Since they are incredibly durable, they can be used repeatedly and at different events.

If you plan on using a banner or backdrop multiple times, it’s crucial to take advantage of bulk orders. The same product can be used for years and for different purposes at different events.

#4. Protect Your Banner or Backdrop

As we mentioned previously, the vinyl or fabric used on your banner or backdrop is a reliable weather-resistant material that is strong enough to handle wind, rain, and heat. As a result, they’re perfect for outdoor advertising.

If you’re going to display your banner or backdrop in these weather conditions, be sure to get a sturdy frame to ensure it stays in place and lasts a long time. Also be sure to take care of your banner after your event. If it was out in inclement weather or a dusty field, take a few minutes when you get back to your location to set up the banner or backdrop and clean and dry it before packing it back up. This will ensure it looks great at your next event and for years to come.


3 Design Tips to Make a Banner or Backdrop Look Professional

Here are three handy design tips for your custom banner or backdrop:

#1. Less Is More

Your banner shouldn’t be packed with information. It should deliver value to your potential customers immediately – without confusing them.

As a result, don’t put too much text on the banner or go over the top with graphics. Rather focus on what really matters – your banner’s message. This can be eye-catching text communicating your store’s promotion or an eye-catching image or graphic to promote your business!

#2. Keep Things Clear

The message on your banner should clearly communicate the desired action you want people to take. Whether this is to check out your store’s massive sale or sign up for a specific event. Ensure the call to action is written in a concise, yet captivating way. This way, customers won’t dare to miss out!

#3. Only Use High-Quality Images

Banners are large advertising tools. As a result, they need to have high resolution images that can be clearly seen from a distance.

The Best Places to Display Your Business Banner or Backdrop

There are many places where you can decide to place or display your banner. For a retail location, you can opt for busy intersections, highways, and heavily populated road routes.

Additionally, you can place them in front of your store, in the windows, and near the walls. Just think about the areas and places where your target audience would spend most of their time, and place the banner there.

Banners also perform exceptionally well at conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, relevant business events, and more.

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