Stretch fabric covers are often seen at weddings, conferences, sports days, trade show exhibitions and many other events. But have you ever thought of covering a trash can with a stretch cover? Or the beverage dispenser? What are stretch covers, and how can they be used? Red Iron Brand Solutions supplies branded and unbranded stretch covers for all kinds of events so we know a thing or two about stretch covers, so read on to learn what you need to make stretch covers work for you and your business.

What Are Stretch Fabric Hospitality Covers?  

Stretch covers are a modern alternative to standard tablecloths, and their tight fit immediately adds a professional, clean appearance to tables and other items they cover. Have you catered for an outdoor event on an unexpectedly windy day? Did the wind lift the tablecloths and leave the table setting your staff worked on for hours in disarray? It will never happen with a stretch cover from Red Iron Brand Solutions.

Using clips to keep tablecloths in place can look unattractive, but because stretch covers fit perfectly, there is no need to remember to pack tape or clips for an event. Red Iron Brand stretch covers for tables and chairs have reinforced cups sewn into each corner, making the fit easy and snug.

What Are Stretch Fabric Hospitality Covers Made Of?

Stretch covers are made from a durable, synthetic stretch fabric, including polyester, spandex, nylon, and Lycra. All the Red Iron Brand stretch covers are machine washable and dry quickly, while some items can even be dry cleaned. Due to the material’s elasticity, the fit is neat, with no wrinkles and no ironing is required.

What Equipment Can Utilize Stretch Fabric Hospitality Covers?   

Stretch covers immediately add a professional appearance to equipment, whether branded or unbranded.

Trash cans and recycling bins. Three standard sizes with color and branding per customer requirement. The stretchy fabric and elastic bands mean the covers are easily assembled and removed. They are machine washable.

Hospitality trash cans. Available in 16 unbranded colors, from classic to neon. Multiple styles and sizes, including custom sizes, are available. The cover fits tightly around the trash can and is machine washable.  

Bus tubs. Only available in unbranded colors, but Red Iron Brand offers various styles and sizes, including custom sizes. They are also available in 16 colors vary from classic to neon. The cover fits tightly around the tub and is machine washable.

Cambro beverage dispensers. The covers are available in 16 unbranded colors, from classic to neon, but can be customized. The cover fits tightly around the dispenser and gives a polished look.

Tray jack stands. Giving a neat appearance, the covers are available in various unbranded sizes and styles. You can select from 14 colors.

Chairs. Stretch cover sizes are custom-made to order for any chair style, and you can select flat, fitted or banquet styles. Also available in fourteen colors, the covers have reinforced cups sewn in each corner for a snug fit.

Tables. Stretch fabric covers are available for high top, cocktail, round, and rectangle tables. Red Iron Brand also supplies waterproof table covers made from 400 denier waterproof nylon. Table throws that pass NFPA701 Flame Retardant Testing are available for any table style, including round and convertible. Covers are branded or unbranded. Throws are available in stock colors and more than 60 special order colors, in open back or full drape.            

Where Can You Buy Stretch Fabric Hospitality Covers?

Why have a boring table at special events when you can purchase elegant stretch covers from Red Iron Brand Solutions? Our stretch covers look as good on cocktail tables as they do on a display table, and even better on the alternative equipment we provide covers for. Red Iron Brand offers custom tablecloth printing when you want to promote your brand, and our dye-sublimation printing material has a vivid and vibrant print effect. Shopping on our website is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Contact Red Iron Brand Solutions for the Best Stretch Fabric Hospitality Covers

Red Iron Brand Solutions is the go-to expert on branded and blank event display marketing products. We will work with you to create a product that reflects your standards and brand. Are you planning a hospitality event? We have all the stretch covers you need. Contact Red Iron Brand Solutions today at 800-325-3824 for more information.

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