Have you thought of using stretch fabric chair covers as marketing materials at corporate events? Or maybe you prefer the event booths to be unbranded and neutral while the event display stands out. Whatever your preference, Red Iron Brand Solutions can provide you with the stretch fabric covers you need, whether for chairs, tables, beverage dispensers, or trash cans.

Economical and durable, stretch fabric covers are ideal for corporate functions and catered events. They are also complimentary when used at weddings and other special events, as they are available in various colors to highlight any event theme. Read on to learn the many other reasons you should use stretch chair covers at an event.

Stretch Fabric Covers Make the Scenery Look More Neat  

What is more convenient for an event organizer than table and chair covers that are practical, easy to use, and don’t need ironing during setup? And makes the scenery look neat and professional? That is the benefit stretch covers offer over traditional cloth event décor. When renting chairs and tables for an event, they often have scratches or stains and don’t make attractive event furniture. Stretch chair covers and stretch table covers hide the damage, provide a cohesive image and brand and, as they fit tightly, are not a tripping hazard for guests.

Stretch covers naturally give a sleek modern look to a function, but this should not limit their use. You can choose stretch chair covers in conservative colors that fade into the background to compliment any event décor style. Red Iron Brand Solutions chair covers are available in white, ivory, black, navy blue and grey. Ask your caterer to cover their bus tubs with black stretch covers, and the guests will not even notice the tables are being cleared.

Stretch Fabric Covers Are Easy to Set Up and Take Down 

When arranging a huge party event, there is never enough time to set up. Using covers made with a stretch fabric saves time you can spend on the small details that make your event outstanding. Stretch chair covers, and table covers, have reinforced cups sewn in each corner for an easy snug fit. To remove the items, slip the chair or table leg out of the cup and take the cover off.

Do you use a lot of folding chairs and tables at your events as they are easy to transport and store? Red Iron Brand Solutions makes custom-sized covers to fit any chair style.

You Just Throw Your Stretch Fabric Covers in The Wash After the Event

There are food or drink spills at every event, and when you use stretch covers from Red Iron Brand Solutions, you can simply throw them in the wash afterwards so they’re ready for your next event. All our products are machine washable, and although they are made with synthetic fabrics, the fabric quality is high and durable. Is your laundry care outsourced? Professional service providers know what care instructions to follow and how to get stains out.

When you do the laundry yourself, do what you normally do when you wash your laundry. Sort the colors and pre-treat the stains but wash the stretch covers in warm to cold water. Never wash your stretch chair cover or table covers in hot water. The items will dry quickly, so you can hang them out to dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Where to Buy Quality, Customizable Stretch Fabric Chair Covers    

Do you want to buy quality, customizable stretch chair covers in a durable fabric? Red Iron Brand Solutions sells covers for any chair design. We also cover tables, tray jack stands and hospitality trash cans. Are you looking for distinct designs and an array of colors? Red Iron Red Iron Brand Solutions is the company you need. We are innovative, so share your vision with us, and we will make it a reality.

Contact Red Iron Brand Solutions for the Best Stretch Table & Chair Covers

Red Iron Brand Solutions specializes in branded and blank event display marketing products. We care about selling a durable product that supports your business and leaves a lasting impression on your clients. Have you been appointed to manage special events and need stretch covers for your tables as well as stretch chair covers? Contact Red Iron Brand Solutions today at 800-325-3824 for more information.

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