Stretch covers are the perfect solution for covering tables, chairs, and other hospitality products while giving you the opportunity to market your brand. You can find everything you need to know about blank and branded stretch covers in this blog post.

What Are Stretch Covers and How You Can Use Them

Think back to the last time you hosted or participated in an outdoor event. One minute you’re setting up and getting everything on your table laid out perfectly, and the next, you are in a war with the wind trying to keep your tablecloth from flying away. So, we resort to using clips or placing heavy objects in each corner to keep the tablecloth in place, but these things can easily make the setup look messy and unappealing. Stretch covers solve this problem.

Most commonly seen at trade shows, conferences, sports days, and weddings, stretch covers are modern alternatives to traditional tablecloths, chair covers, and bin covers. Made from stretchy and durable materials (such as nylon, polyester, Lycra, or Spandex), stretch covers slip snuggly over the item they are covering, giving you the same protective benefits as a generic tablecloth or chair cover without the stress of the cover slipping off.

Using clips or weighted items to keep tablecloths in place can look unattractive, but because stretch covers fit perfectly, they immediately give a professional, well-put-together look to the item they are covering. Moreover, because the material is elastic, it fits neatly without wrinkles and doesn’t require ironing.

Stretch covers are extremely versatile; they come in various colors, shapes, and sizes and can even be customized to fit the surface you need or personalized to include designs and business logos.

So, what equipment can you use a stretch cover on? Here are a few examples:

  • Tables (varying shapes and sizes)
  • Chairs (either the whole chair or just the backrest)
  • Tray jack stands
  • Cambro beverage dispensers
  • Bus tubs
  • Trash cans and recycling bins

The Different Types of Stretch Table Covers

Stretch table covers can be both decorative and functional, plus if you personalize them with your company logo, they can be effective marketing tools. No matter what kind of event you are holding, branded table covers will make your company stand out to attendees. So, what are the different types of stretch table covers available?

Red Iron Brand Solutions offers numerous branding solutions, including event displays, marketing products, custom flags, and, of course, stretch table covers. Available in numerous colors from classic to neon, with the option for branding personalization, here are some of the different stretch table covers we offer:

  • Waterproof table covers are a practical choice for any food or beverage table. In addition to providing the professional, fitted look you need, these stretch covers are made with waterproof nylon, so they are easy to clean, and they protect your tables from spills without the risk of damage. Red Iron Brand’s waterproof table covers offer an additional layer of protection thanks to PVC coating on the inside of the cover. They are also extremely resilient and can either be imprinted with a full-color digital design or left blank.
  • Stretch covers for rectangular tables are commonly used in a banquet or hospitality setting. They are made with high-quality polyester stretch fabric that fits snuggly over the top of the table and its legs to keep the fabric firmly in place. The elastic fabric also concaves around the legs of the table to minimize obstructions and can easily be washed at home. These durable, stain-resistant covers give hospitality event tables a professional and consistent look, plus they are wrinkle-resistant, so you won’t need to iron them.
  • The polyester stretch fabric covers for round tables that Red Iron Brand offers are perfect for special events, trade shows, open houses, fairs, and personal celebrations. They are made with high-quality polyester that stretches tightly over the round shape of the table, and thanks to the reinforced leg cups, they give the round tables a contoured look. While they are often purchased as a blank item, they are able to be printed on if you would like to personalize them.
  • Red Iron Brand Solutions offers stretch covers for two heights of round Cocktail tables. As with the other covers, reinforced cups are sewn into each corner of the fabric for an easy, snug fit and to prevent the fabric from slipping up. These covers are 100% polyester stretch fabric and provide a smooth, fitted look for the round cocktail tables are your event.
  • The blank stretch covers for high-top tables are available in two widths and are perfect for reception events.

Red Iron Brand Solutions’s fitted tablecloths can be stretched to fit any 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, or custom-sized folding table, standard display table, or banquet table.

Why Should You Use Branded Table Covers at Events

While surface protection is the most fundamental use of table covers, their value goes far beyond just being a protective barrier against scratches and spills – especially if they are branded.

If your company will have a table at a tradeshow, convention, shopping mall, or any other corporate event, custom-printed tablecloths can make all the difference in leaving a lasting positive impression of your brand on potential customers. There are numerous reasons why using branded table covers at events can be a powerful promotional strategy for your business, but we will start with four.

#1. Branded Table Covers Can Create a Long-Lasting Positive Impression on Potential Clients

First impressions are important – you want to leave a positive lasting impression on potential clients that not only reflects your brand image but shows professionalism. While you could use a generic black or white tablecloth to cover unsightly display tables, investing in a branded table cover will help your company look professional, stand out from the crowd, and make a good first impression. If people see a well-put-together table with your logo at the forefront, it adds to a seamless and consistent brand image, making it more likely that they will remember you and your business.

#2. Stretch Covers Help Establish Your Brand’s Presence

Whether your business is an emerging start-up or a fully established brand, it never hurts to get your name out there. A branded tablecloth will put your corporate identity on full display so that passersby have an instant focal point to associate with your company.

#3. Stretch Covers are Reusable 

Reusable promotional items not only help your business cut costs, but they also have a more positive environmental impact than disposable ones. Promotional tablecloths are designed with ease of use in mind and are, therefore, easy to set up, fold, transport, and store. Durable, easy-to-clean fabrics are used so that you can use the tablecloth as many times as you need without its quality deteriorating.

#4. Stretch Covers are an Easy Way to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Branded tablecloths are the ideal solution for business owners who want to increase brand awareness at trade show booths and events. They establish a look of professionalism that may not be achieved with plane table covers and draw the attention of people walking by a lot more effectively.

Some companies resort to buying branded podiums or counters, but these can be expensive and are not as versatile. The fact that you can print any design on the table covers, and that they are available in various shapes and sizes make buying a branded table cover the more versatile and cost-effective option.

Why You Should Use Stretch Chair Covers at an Event

Whether you need them for an outdoor festival, a corporate event, a wedding, or a personal function, stretch covers are a convenient and economical alternative to traditional chair covers.

The chairs and tables that are hired out for events are often scratched, stained, or damaged – this can really throw off the aesthetic for which you are you are aiming. Stretch covers not only hide this damage, but they fit tightly, are available in numerous colors to suit any theme, and are not a tripping hazard for guests or event workers.

Ease of use is also an important benefit of stretch chair covers. If you are hosting an event and are short on set-up time, the stretch chair covers are easy to set up and will save you the time that would be spent trying to smooth out or iron a traditional chair cover. To remove them, all you need to do is slip the chair leg out of one of the reinforced cups that are sewn into all four corners, and the cover will come right off. Best of all, you can just throw them in the wash when you are done.

Even though the stretch covers from Red Iron Brand Solutions are made with synthetic fabrics, the quality is high, so they are safe to machine wash.

The Benefits of Custom Trash Bin Covers for Your Events

Covering your trash can may not have crossed your mind before, but it may be worth considering. If you’re hosting an event, an unsightly, uncovered recycling bin or garbage bin can put a stain on the beautiful atmosphere you are creating.

Custom trash can covers are a great way to uplift the look of your bins and disguise the features that make them eyesores, but they are also useful for other reasons.

Trash cans are constantly being used, so it can be difficult to keep them looking and feeling shiny and new. Putting stretch covers on your garbage receptacles can actually prolong their lives. The covers will provide a layer of protection against the elements, and the elastic stretch polyester fabric will cling tightly to the waste bin, keeping pests out while still allowing in air. These covers are also reusable, machine washable, and tumble-dryer safe.

They are also more effective marketing tools than you may have realized. Think about it, we use trash cans a lot, so if you have a branded cover on a trash bin at an event with a lot of foot traffic, just imagine the number of people who will be exposed to your eye-catching advertising without you having to do much work at all.

The Biggest Misconception of Stretch Covers and a Solution

One of the biggest misconceptions about stretch covers is that they are one size fits all when, in reality, they are often custom-made to ensure a sleek fit. Just as there are a variety of colors to choose from, a stretch cover comes in both standard and tailor-made sizes. You will need to measure the table or chair and find a cover that drapes over all the sides without being too big or too small.

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