A misconception about stretch table covers  and dining chair covers that we frequently encounter is that one size fits all. In reality, stretch covers are more often than not custom made to ensure a sleek fit.

What makes standard solution different than custom covers is that the cover is the fabric is tailored to each individual size of table or chair and can be imprinted with your design.

One Size Fits All… Not!

While many people think that stretch covers are one size fits-all, they’re actually customized to fit the exact size table for which they’re intended. Just as there are a variety of colors from which you can choose, stretch elastic chair and table covers come in standard sizes as well as tailor made design options.

So, knowing that stretch chair and table covers can be made to your measurements, where should you place the measuring tape?

How to Take the Measurements

Although many hospitality furnishings are similar in size, there are a wide range of measurements depending on the style of chair or table in use.

You will want a cover that is large enough to drape over all the sides of your table or chair without being too big or too small:

  • Measure seats:
    • Across the broadest part of the chair (normally where your legs rest)
    • From the back to front of the seat
    • From the top of the chair to the ground.
  • Measure tables:
    • Rectangular and square – width, depth, and height
    • Round – diameter (across the center of the tabletop) and height.
  • Then consult Red Iron Brand Solutions about an appropriate size for your covering

A Wide Variety of Stretch Covers

Stretch covers are fabric that have elastic woven in for a snug fit that also hides the legs for a cohesive custom look and feel.

Make sure that your brand colors are represented in some way on your custom-made covers. Even if they are not incorporated into the pattern itself, using complimentary colors can tie everything together nicely. We suggest keeping things cohesive without being too matchy-matchy!

For those unfamiliar with the world of event decor, the purchasing process can seem overwhelming. With stretch covers, you really do get what you pay for. Stretch covers are known as the top-of-the-line products in the industry. They will last longer, look better, and protect your furnishings more than any other option out there. If you are planning a formal event, machine washable stretch covers are highly recommended because they hold up in high-use settings.

Red Iron Brand Solutions is Your Stretch Table and Chair Expert

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