Branded table covers and throws are more than just any old piece of fabric. Tablecloths can be used for a variety of functions and serve a multitude of purposes. The most basic use of a tablecloth is to protect the surface of a table from spills and scratches, but this is not the only way to use them and not the only benefit they can provide.

Here are the top four reasons why you should use custom table covers and throws at business conventions, outdoor events, job fairs, and other special events:

#1. Table Covers & Throws Create a Long-Lasting Impression

Promotional table covers are one of the most subtle, yet powerful promotional items that can help you raise brand awareness for your business.

Think back to the time and effort you put into creating your logo, choosing your corporate colors, and determining what your branding should portray to prospective clients. You know that first impressions are lasting ones and table covers and throws can go a long way toward creating a positive first impression.

Now, whether your company is just starting out or long established, it is important that you maximize the identity you have worked so hard to foster. The table covering itself might not be – in fact, should not be – what passersby remember about your firm. But it must add to the seamless, consistent brand impression you’ve created for your business.

Humans long to be part of a tribe or family. Once consumers, partners, suppliers, and friends latch onto a visual association of your brand, they will seek it out in the future. Research reveals that 59% of customers prefer buying new products from brands they already know. In a crowded place, a branded tablecloth will help your loyal clients to spot you from a mile away!

#2. Table Covers & Throws Establishes Your Brand’s Presence

Whether your brand is a multi-million dollar corporation or an emerging startup, choosing to use a branded table clover is a dependable way to get your name out there and make sure people are thinking about your business when they walk past.

Using logo or edge-to-edge printing methods puts your corporate identity on full display. This gives everyone at the event an instant focal point they can then associate with your brand.

No matter what you choose to have on your tablecloth, it will set you apart from the rest of the pack, which is exactly what you need when you want to establish your brand presence in the marketplace.

#3. Table Covers & Throws Can Be Reused for Future Events

Promotional tablecloths and throws are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Tablecloths are easy to set up, clean, fold and store. They are lightweight and portable, which makes them ideal for traveling to many events.

Because fabric tablecloths and throws are reusable, they are very cost-effective. You can use them many times over and they will not deteriorate or end up in the trash. The cleaning process for tablecloths is usually very simple: just toss them into the washing machine.

On the other hand, plastic table covers end up in landfills where they might take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Reusable table covers and throws don’t just make practical sense; they are also better for the environment than disposable ones.

#4. Table Covers & Throws are an Easy Marketing Method

Trade show table covers are a great way to double up your marketing efforts. No matter what type of organization you are running or the event you’re hosting, tablecloths can be an invaluable and versatile advertising tool for your company.

Whether your event is a formal black tie occasion, or an outdoor festival, you can custom print your cover to match the theme and mood. Custom printed tablecloths are highly recommended for business owners who are looking to promote their goods and services to potential customers at any local event.

If you are a business owner looking to start a marketing campaign that will instantly increase your brand awareness at trade show booths and events, then branded tablecloths are the ideal solution. Just match your table cover to your tent, backdrop, banners and all the marketing materials in your booth.

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