While trash cans are often not something you think about when designing your booth, they shouldn’t be. Nothing turns off a potential customer like a disgusting trash can spoiling the design and professional atmosphere you’ve invested countless time and money into creating at your event booth.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Trash bin covers are invaluable tools if you want to protect your investment in your booth and uplift any social environment.

When you think about planning an event, glamorous images are the first that pop up, right? Who knew that waste management would take up so much of your efforts? Far from glitzy, public toilets, food waste, and recyclable trash all need to be dealt with for the smooth running and profitability of your event.

Let’s explore the trio of benefits custom trash cans and recycling bins offer your event:

#1. Keep your event booth looking professional

#2. A fun way to advertise your brand

#3. Help your waste stations last longer

#1. Trash Can Covers Prolong the Useful Life of the Can

Huge events, like concerts, sporting events, and festivals can produce an enormous amount of trash in a short amount of time. When you have trash cans that are constantly being used, it can be hard to keep them looking and feeling like new. Trash cans can get abused and look old and worn quickly.

But what if there was another option? That is where trash can covers come into play, providing you with an affordable way to extend the life of your garbage receptacles and help promote your brand at the same time.

The durable spandex fabric and elastic design is stretchy so they will cling to the waste bins and fit them like a glove.

They keep pests out while still allowing air in (especially important for large events).

You can count on them to protect your outdoor trash bins from anything Mother Nature throws at them – extending the life of your equipment.

Plus, here’s the best part — trash can covers are reusable! They are machine washable and dryable, so you can use them over and over again without any worry.

#2. Trash Can Covers Make the Trash Bin Less of an Eye-Sore

There is nothing worse than an uncovered trash can receptacle that looks like it needs to be emptied.

Using a high-end spandex trash can cover will add a touch of refinement and elegance to the setting for your event. With well-chosen bin covers, you can quickly disguise traditional trash bins, thereby lessening their eye-sore nature.

Choose a cover made to coordinate with your branding on other items in your booth including table covers and chair covers.

#3. Trash Can Covers Makes the Bin More Fun to Use

Perhaps the most positive benefits of custom trash bin covers at your event is the canvas they provide for eye-catching advertising. An effective way to advertise is by taking advantage of products that people use every day, but never really think about. It’s surprising how much we use bins and they are so visible and frequently used, which is perfect for advertising. They offer great ad spend Return on Investment with a low cost-per-thousand impressions because the audience you’re targeting is likely to see your advertisement multiple times a day, which means you’re getting your message across without having to spend too much money.

Litter laws everywhere are very strict, which means that people are less likely to litter. So what do people do with all the trash? They put it in a trash can.

Conceptual designs can be thought-provoking and fun while still serving their functional purposes. We believe this can be used to attract attention and create buzz.

Red Iron Brand Has Your Trash Covered

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Are you ready to extend the life of your waste bins while giving them a fresh new look that is sure to impress? Then get in touch with Red Iron Brand Solutions for more information about trash bin covers for your next event. Call 800-325-3824 or email us at info@redironbrand.com.

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