Have you considered custom tote bags for your company’s marketing events? They are a practical and efficient way to get long-lasting brand exposure at events. The ideal marketing goal is to see numerous event attendees walking around with your brand’s tote bag, whether at a retail campaign, tradeshow or conference. Attendees will be spreading your brand messaging around the entire event, encouraging others to visit your booth, where they will pick up a tote bag and continue to spread the word. You will be the envy of your competition!

It can be challenging to find new ways to promote your company, but Red Iron Brand Solutions can help! We are the go-to source for top-quality branded event marketing products and take pride in delivering exceptional customer service. After more than 30 years in the business, we still enjoy bringing our client’s marketing ideas to life. In this blog, we share how to harness the power of tote bags for your event.

Tote Bags Offer Effective Audience Engagement at Events

How do you get attendees to choose your event tote bag? By creating a design they find appealing. Yes, you can simply add basic information such as your logo and contact details, but will that get conference-goers excited about your bags, or will they choose another brand? Audience engagement is the first step to marketing success during the event period. Create a brand design that people will notice from a distance. If it makes them inquisitive enough, they will walk to your exhibit or stand.

Red Iron Brand has several types of tote bags you can use for your campaigns. Made with 100% heavy cotton canvas, they are the perfect durable and stylish shoulder-size bag. We offer them with standard straps or grommeted-style handles for a fashionable look.


























































Tailoring Your Tote Bag to Your Brand’s Identity   

It is vital to tailor the bag design to your brand’s identity. You want the bag to speak to your values and reflect what you want consumers to feel when interacting with your brand during an event. It should, no matter how creative you get, still show the personality of your business. It is easy to find the perfect bag at Red Iron Brand Solutions with our range of colors and styles.

Three Critical Elements to Consider for Event Tote Bags

What must you consider when designing the bag?

#1. Design. Bright or busy designs are not appropriate for all brands, particularly those where the company’s trademark is simplicity. Select a design that excites but still reflects your values.

#2. Quality artwork. All artwork must be high-quality and high-resolution. Experience shows us that good quality images transfer best to event marketing products.

#3. Durability. Don’t think of your tote bag as just an event piece. Everybody need a good quality tote bag to carry around their things. A good tote bag can be a person’s best friend, used daily in their every day life. A durable and practical tote bag can spread your message far and wide after the event, so make sure they are useful and durable.

The Practical Promotional Power  of Event Tote Bags

Tote bags have a practical promotional power, not only at the event, but also afterwards. When the tote bag draws attention, the attendees active on social media might immediately share an image online, which jumpstarts your event marketing campaign on another level. Include a QR code in an interesting way, and consumers are more likely to visit your website.

Did you know Red Iron Brand has cotton canvas pouch bags that, with the right artwork, can easily become a day clutch bag? They could complement the tote bag design or be a great alternative depending on the type of event. We can fully customize the tote and pouch bags with your logo or branding. If you are not quite sure what you want, the experienced Red Iron Brand designers will help you create the perfect look. Your event bags will be a must-have item!

Versatile Brand Visibility  of Tote Bags for Events

Quality 100% cotton canvas tote bags from Red Iron Brand Solutions are the ideal promotional product for versatile post-event brand visibility. An appealing tote bag can be reused in the most creative ways after an event. Some attendees will use them as sustainable shopping bags, while others make them home storage or a beach bag. A quality, well-designed and manufactured custom tote bag will expose your brand for as long as the recipients have them. Make heads turn at your event, and afterwards, with excellent cotton canvas tote bags from Red Iron Brand Solutions.

Red Iron Brand Solutions is Your Custom Event Tote Bag Solution

Are you excited about the upcoming event and need to finalize your promotional products? View the Red Iron Brand Solutions premium event products and chat with us online today at https://redironbrand.com/, call us at 800-325-3824 or email us at sales@redironbrand.com to order the perfect tote bags for marketing. Contact us today!