Flags have been generating attention since 3500 BCE. They are a proven attention-getter. Custom feather flags have always been part of humanity’s endeavors in various forms, from the flags carried into battle by color bearers to the color guard flags used by marching bands. Their presence draws attention and makes a statement of who or what they represent.

The marketing version of the feather flag is used for outdoor advertising in front of shops, at sports events, or to welcome visitors to various attractions such as museums and wineries. Whether you call them feather flags, advertising flags or promotional flags, they are an eye-catching choice.

Red Iron Brand Solutions offers three types of feather flags as part of our banners and flags collection:


Blade Feather Flags

  • Style # 611-100 – Small – 26″ W x 79″ H Flag
  • Style #611-200 – Medium – 28″ W x 118″ H Flag
  • Style #611-300 – Large – 32″ W x 158″ H Flag
  • Style #611-10D – Small Double-Sided – 26″ W x 79″ H Flag
  • Style #611-20D – Medium Double-Sided – 28″ W x 118″ H Flag
  • Style #611-30D – Large Double-Sided – 32″ W x 158″ H Flag












Teardrop Flags

  • Style #621-100 – Small – 30″ W x 75″ H Flag
  • Style #621-200 – Medium – 38″ W x 118″ H Flag
  • Style #621-300 – Large – 43″ W x 153″ H Flag
  • Style #621-10D – Small Double-Sided – 30″ W x 75″ H Flag
  • Style #621-20D – Medium Double-Sided – 38″ W x 118″ H Flag
  • Style #621-30D – Large Double-Sided – 43″ W x 153″ H Flag













Rectangle Feather Flags

  • Style # 641-100 – Small – 28″ W x 71″ H Flag
  • Style # 641-200 – Medium – 28″ W x 102″ H Flag
  • Style # 641-300 – Large – 28″ W x 150″ H Flag
  • Style # 641-10D – Small Double-Sided – 28″ W x 71″ H Flag
  • Style # 641-20D – Medium Double-Sided – 28″ W x 102″ H Flag
  • Style # 641-30D – Large Double-Sided – 28″ W x 150″ H Flag

They are available in various sizes and include a free carry case.












If you want to go even bigger and have, or are willing to install, a flag pole in front of your location, you can even go with a Standard Pole Flag that will draw attention from far and wide. Red Iron Brand Solutions Standard Pole Flags are available in five different sizes to meet your needs:


  • 671-100 – 2′ X 3′
  • 671-200 – 3′ X 5′
  • 671-300 – 4′ X 6′
  • 671-400 – 5′ X 8′
  • 671-500 – 6′ X 10′






There are any number of reasons to choose custom feather flags to promote your business, whether at an event, or outside your showroom or store location.

Choosing Custom Marketing Flags for Maximum Impact   

Every business needs to create maximum impact with their marketing efforts to generate sales and receive a great return on investment. The large size and impact of custom marketing flags makes them the perfect choice for your campaign. They are hard to miss, provide movement in a gentle breeze to attract attention and will drive traffic to your store or booth.

If feather flags aren’t your style Standard Pole flags are big, but their content must be visible at a distance for the greatest impact, and they should be custom-made for your business. When it comes to promotional flags, less is more. Place just enough information on the flag to attract attention and ensure readers easily identify your brand.

Crafting Unique Designs for Promotional Advertising Flags 

The most important characteristic of promotional advertising flags is that they must be visible from a distance and look equally good close-up. You have only a few seconds to attract the attention of drivers or passers-by when your feather flags stand outside your business, and when you are advertising at an event, there might be a lot of competition.

Feather flags offer you an opportunity to craft unique designs. What should you do? Choose a readable font, a color combination that is easy to read and does not disappear against the event background, and leave sufficient white space between your design elements. Red Iron Brand Solutions feather flags are available in a single or double-sided print. High-quality artwork translates the best on advertising flags.

Making Informed Decisions: A Guide to Flag Advertising  

There is nothing subtle about flag advertising. Your brand is on display, and when the design is effective, consumers immediately recognize who you are and what you want to achieve. What is your flag advertising’s purpose? At sporting events, they might show where the finish line is, advertise a special promotion at a fast food restaurant, or land for sale at a property development.

Safety is always a concern at outdoor events when flags are temporarily displayed. Red Iron Brand Solution’s teardrop, rectangle, and blade feather flags include a premium pole kit with a rotating ground stake. However, if your flags are going to stand on a hard surface or you want to ensure the flag is well-staked, you might want to use the optional spider base and water bag.

Selecting the Right Size and Placement for Your Marketing Feather Flag  

When selecting a marketing feather flag, you should decide which size is best for your purposes, as the biggest flag is not necessarily the best choice. There might also be event or municipal regulations governing the allowable size and placement. Where you place your flags is crucial to their effectiveness, as they should be seen but not inconvenience customers. Red Iron Brand Solutions’ feather flags are manufactured from UV-protected fabric with reinforced stitching, as promotional flags tend to be exposed to all kinds of weather.

Red Iron Brand Solutions is the Answer to Your Event Flag Needs

Do you want to use flags at your next promotional event? Red Iron Brand Solutions can help you create an unforgettable brand experience. See our premium event marketing products and chat with us online today at https://redironbrand.com/; call us at 800-325-3824 or email us at sales@redironbrand.com for more information on products and services. We can produce the perfect custom feather flags for your needs!