Trade shows continue to be valuable component of many marketing strategies because they offer the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with current and potential clients. Banners and backdrops are vital elements of every trade show display because they communicate your brand message to a larger audience. The best banners and backdrops make your event booth memorable enough for attendees to continue talking about your company long after the event.

A quality booth and a great event team ensure you achieve your aim, whether it is to generate leads, source customer feedback, or increase your brand exposure. Red Iron Brand Solutions offers innovative and original event displays and will always provide the best solutions for our clients at their particular budget. Here’s how to can make your booth stand out with event backdrops and banners.

Engaging Trade Show Attendees: Tips for Your Banner and Backdrop Display  

Do you want to make your booth the talk of the show? The display should not only look good and communicate the value of your product or service, but it must create an experience for your audience to attract their attention. Your booth’s location at the trade show influences your display design. If it’s more toward the back, you need something that draws people to it. What can you do with your banners or backdrop display to bring more prospects to your booth?

  • Choose lighting that transforms the ambience of your booth and accentuates your branded backdrop or banner.
  • Use a curved pop fabric backdrop from Red Iron Brand to create an intimate seating area where your team can engage one-on-one with clients.
  • Design a backdrop and booth that reflects a specific theme that is in alignment with your brand.

Interactive Backdrops for Trade Shows  

For most companies, the goal of exhibiting at trade shows is to engage with potential customers about your products and services and follow up on the leads post-event. A standard show booth, games, and promotional gifts are not enough in the era of social media. At least one of your booth backdrops should be social media-friendly and include a hashtag. Alternate a fun but relevant background with your logo backdrop, and you keep the social re-engagement interesting while getting your brand into the public eye.

What else can you do to increase social media interaction and draw more people to your booth? Provide flattering professional lighting, maintain enough open space in front of the backdrop for a group photo, and keep your logo backdrop design small and repetitive. Make backdrops for trade shows interactive with share-worthy designs.

Unleashing the Impact of a Good Banner and Backdrop in Trade Show Environments  

Red Iron Brand Solutions provides standard fabric banner stands that are lightweight, easy to set up, and convenient when you want to change graphics. When your backdrops are interactive, it is best to keep your banner stand content straightforward by including your basic business information and an easily accessible QR code that leads trade show attendees to your website.

What else can you do to complement the impact your banner and backdrop have? Prepare your events team by doing a test run of your booth set-up, make sure they know the appropriate dress code, and have them practice greeting people. You don’t want trade show booth staff sitting down, not engaging with potential prospects. They need to be able to draw passersby into your booth and engage them in conversation about your products and services.

Creative Approaches with Unique Banners and Backdrops   

Trade show attendees are bombarded with information. Use unique banners and backdrops to tell your story and create an experience. Develop a design that looks as if something or someone is jumping out of the backdrop and use appropriate lighting to create the right mood.

Give your backdrop a sustainable touch by combining it with a living wall and potted plants to create a stress-relieving environment. Use touchscreens to turn your trade show backdrop into an interactive storytelling wall by showing real-world uses for your product or service, or give potential clients a virtual tour of your factory with a VR headset.

Red Iron Brand Solutions is the Answer to Your Banner & Backdrop Needs

Red Iron Brand Solutions is ready to support your trade booth design team with memorable banners and backdrops. Together, we can create an experience that makes trade show attendees remember your brand long after the event and even increase your social media exposure to continue that exposure.

See our quality range of event products and chat with us online today at; call us at 800-325-3824 or email us at for more information. We have the perfect banners and backdrops for your trade show booth.