This might seem like an obvious question, but there are so many types of drinkware, we would like to outline them for you. Drinkware can be defined as the vessels that we use to drink from. This type of vessel gets used by most people daily and isn’t always something that a lot of thought gets put into.

Types of Drinkware

All types of drinkware have the same purpose: To hold liquids. However, society’s unspoken rule outlines precisely what liquids should be consumed from a specific type of drinkware. The majority of people would, for example, believe that you shouldn’t be drinking champagne in coffee mugs. A few examples of drinkware and their uses are:

  • Beer Glasses. This is a type of glassware designed commonly for drinking beer and can be made from various materials such as glass, pottery, pewter, and wood. The style of a beer glass can be influenced by many factors such as traditions, serving requirements, fill lines, stacking and storage requirements, etc.
  • Wine Glasses and Stemware. This type of drinkware rests on a stem above a base; it can be made from glass, ceramics, or metal. The stem is intended to let a drinker hold their glass without affecting the drink’s temperature. Examples include wine glasses, champagne flutes, chalices, martini/margarita glasses, rummers, and snifters.
  • Bottles. A narrow-necked container made from either glass, plastic, aluminum, ceramic, or metal. They are often used to easily transport liquids such as water, soda, or alcohol. Various beverages can also be bought in sealed bottles.
  • Mugs and Teacups. Mugs are mainly glazed ceramic or glass containers made to hold warm liquids, but can also be metal or plastic when intended for travel purposes. They usually have a single handle to help users hold them while filled with warm liquids. A teacup, although similar, has a different shape and is intended only for the drinking of tea.
  • Tumblers. This short glass is mainly designed for the consumption of chilled beverages. They have flat floors, and a weighted bottom for stability and are usually made of plastic, glass, or stainless steel.
  • Disposable Cups. These types of drinkware are generally intended for single-use only. They are made from paper, plastic, or foam with a lid. Their one-use nature means that they contribute to a large amount of household and commercial waste.
  • Reusable Travel Drinkware. While disposable cups are often used as travel containers for liquids (think about your 7-Eleven or Starbucks coffee), today’s environmentally and health conscious consumer often takes his or her coffee or water on the go. That’s where reusable travel drinkware comes in. From coffee mugs and water bottles, travel drinkware can often hold hot or cold beverages and keep them that way for hours at a time.    

How to Store Drinkware

Just as there is an unspoken language between consumers about which liquid should ideally be consumed from a specific type of drinkware, there is also a standard way to store these items.  Here are some tips to help you store your drinkware effectively:

  1. Be careful when storing your glassware, and make sure to store them where they can’t easily fall and break.
  1. Store stemware upside down; this is the safest way to store this type of glassware, as stems can easily crack or break.
  2. Coffee mug hangers are a great way to maximize your storage space. Consider getting one that clips on and has enough space to hang mugs safely so that they won’t fall and break.
  3. There is much debate about whether or not beer glasses and tumblers should be stored rim-up or rim-down. This comes down to preference. The upside to storing drinking glasses rim down would be that no dust or dirt can go into the glass before using it.
  4. Make sure to stack glasses correctly in your dishwasher and check for cracks and chips before placing them back in storage to avoid potential cuts and injuries.
  5. The great thing about travel drinkware is that they’re not nearly as fragile as glassware. Since their designed to be used on the go, travel drinkware can usually withstand an accidental drop or fall from a normal height without damage. They also come with their own covers, so no worries about dust or dirt falling into them during storage. This makes storing them particularly simple as no extra precautions have to be taken.

Knowing the different types of drinkware and how to store it can help you make the most of how you use them, keep them safe and store them properly. A well-organized kitchen cabinet filled with the best drinkware for every occasion will mean that you are always prepared. If your kitchen cabinet is not well-organized, it can lead to glasses that topple, fall, and cause significant risk due to sharp pieces of glass.

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