Customized table covers can be the difference between an okay trade show and one that succeeds! But with so many options out there, ordering custom table covers can be a little confusing. Deciding which will you choose to help you to beat out the competition can be a daunting task. Here’s everything you need to know about custom trade show table covers and how to ensure your investment pays off.

Advantages of Custom Table Covers for Trade Shows

Why should you invest in custom table covers? Trade shows can get super busy for both attendees and trade show staff. You need to attract customers to your booth and custom table covers can do this with minimal effort from your staff. Here’s how trade show table covers can help your brand:

  • It creates a welcoming space for you to engage with customers or clients
  • It promotes brand awareness and highlights your brand as a professional company
  • You can increase engagement with potential customers by customizing a cover with your website URL or social media handles which they can look up during or even after the event
  • Table covers make your giveaways, products, and samples stand out
  • It creates an attractive, professional looking booth
  • You can cover up unflattering tables or take attention away from unattractive backdrops
  • It makes people more likely to remember you and your brand even after they leave the trade show

Table Cover Fabrics

Can’t decide on a fabric? Polyester poplin is the most common go-to for table cover fabric as it is washable and durable. A cotton table cover may be a standard option, but it has its drawbacks as it is easily stained and wrinkles can be difficult to get out at a show. At Red Brand Iron Solutions, we have waterproof table covers and fitted table covers so you don’t have to worry about fabric wrinkles or stains during your trade show event. You will also get to choose the design and material to match your look.

Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Custom Trade Show Table Covers

Don’t rush to order a custom table cover just yet! You need to take the time to check if you are purchasing the right custom trade show cover for your event. Follow these design tips before you hit checkout:

  • Choose a good font. Choose a custom printed cover to add your business logo and other branding information but make sure the font is readable or you’re basically wasting your money. You might need a professional design or supplier for this
  • Durable materials only. To protect your investment, it is important to invest in a quality custom table cover that is durable and will last for years. Look for a supplier that uses high-quality material such as polyester, nylon or lycra fabric.
  • The baggy look doesn’t work here. Be sure to choose the correct size for your table. It needs to cover the entire surface without looking too baggy. Measure the display table or purchase fitted or stretch table covers.
  • Multiple-Use. Is this a one-time trade show? If you are planning to reuse the table cover (and who isn’t?), make sure it is machine washable or purchase a waterproof table cover.
  • Color matters. Choose black or white (or other neutral colors) for a professional look or more colorful covers to make your trade show booth stand out. Be sure they coordinate with your brand colors and logo.

Looking for quality trade show tablecloths? Choose a custom table cover from Red Iron Brand Solutions, available in a range of colors. We have custom sizes and shapes available for you to choose from. Add your company’s logo, and other relevant details to build brand awareness and stand out from the crowd at trade shows. Red Iron Brand table covers are perfect for product displays, corporate events, and conventions.

For more information, read How to Choose the Right Table Cover for Your Company and Your Event

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